About Us

About Us

A Passionate Team Driven By
Sharing Gardening Knowledge!

GardensOfMine Is The Best Place To Find Information On Sowing, Planting, Growing And Harvesting

We are a team built on memebers that every seek to make the internet a little better by sharong quality content and knowledge about gardening. On GardensOfMine we strive to educate the public on the wonders of gardening and the possibilities that it contains. We have published many guides, bot for beginners and for those who are a little bit more experienced. Here we have a little bit for everyone!

What We Offer

On GardensOfMine you can read about a variety of different topics. Some of the most popular pieces of content we have include:

  • Berries, an ocean of guides talking about propogating your own berry bushes at home.
  • Trees, learn about how you can grow your own apple tree or peach tree for example.
  • Herbs, there are so many culinary and edible herbs and we have them covered for you.
  • Vegetables, herewe share some of the techniques we use for a bountifull harvest at the end of the season.
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