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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether or not a cactus will have shallow or deep roots. The answer to this is that it will actually have both. The plant first has long deep roots growing straight down.

From this main root, there are many smaller and wider roots that will spread out and catch any water that might end on the surface. This is a pretty common way for a lot of plants to grow as it establishes them very quickly.

Follow along and we will together learn even more about this lovely houseplant that is the cactus. One of the best beginner-friendly ones to start out with.

Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot

Are Cactus Roots Shallow Or Deep

We already revealed the answer at the beginning of the article here, but the roots of the cactus plant will both be growing shallow and deep. They are pretty unique in this way but this method also serves a function of course.

This way of growing is a great way for the plant to establish itself wherever it might be located. But the deep main root growing straight down is there to supply the rest of the plant with water.

As the water supply will usually be found deep beneath the ground, that is also where the roots will be heading towards. So if any harm were to come to this root it would have some really bad effects on the entire plant. Often seen by it changing color on what’s growing above the soil.

The reason the roots are growing shallow is to catch the rainwater that might occur every now and again but is of course very rare in places where cactus plants grow naturally. 

They will basically be covering the surface just beneath the ground and catching up with all the excess water. Then it will be transferred to the main stem of the plant where it will be stored and then dispersed throughout the plant when necessary. 

You can now see that the cactus plant is a pretty unique one to grow. The roots play together and have developed over many years to adapt to the environment it’s growing in.

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Cactus Plant Growing In The Shade

Do Cactus Need Deep Pots

Cactus plants do not necessarily need deep pots. It will of course depend a lot on the variety you have growing at home. There are so many out there today that you can pick and choose the variety you want and the length it can grow the most.

The ones not growing any taller than 10 inches won’t require a very large plant. But if you on the other hand have one growing about 4 – 5 feet tall then you definitely need a deep pot if you don’t want to grow it on freeland.

We have already talked about the deep root the cactus plant will be growing straight down to supply it with water. This is the same in whichever place it’s growing in. We, therefore, recommend just growing these tall varieties on freeland instead. It will save a lot of hassle and headaches down the road.

Note that there is normally no rush with changing the pot for the cactus plant. It grows very slowly, so don’t stress about it. Make sure you pick a new pot that you really like the look of and when you have the time for it you can transplant it.

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Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot

Why Do Some Cactus Have Shallow Roots

Some cactus plants will be growing shallow roots because that’s the way that specific variety grows. It’s as simple as that really. Most plants will have a main root however that grows straight down. From this root, the shallow roots will come forth.

But you shouldn’t be worried about the plant growing shallow roots as they are there to catch the water that ends up on the surface. Even the wild cactus plants are growing this way.

Cactus Plant Growing Inside