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Welcome to this article that will be discussing whether or not peach seeds are edible. We don’t want to hide the answer to these questions since the fact of the matter is pretty serious. The seed of a peach fruit is actually very poisonous.

It will contain certain cyanide compounds that are very harmful to the human body, Because of this it is never recommended to ever eat the seed of a peach fruit. but that also goes for many other fruits in the stone fruit or prunus family.

Follow along and we will learn even more about this wonderful fruit tree and what the possibility of using the seeds is. They are an excellent option if you are beginning to get into gardening.

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Are Peach Seeds Edible

As we said at the beginning of the article here, peach seeds are very harmful to the human body as they will contain some cyanide compounds that will have really bad consequences if consumed.

The peach tree is a part of the prunus family and here we have fruits like nectarines or plums. These should also be avoided in eating the seeds. Luckily the seeds are rather hard to get a hold of as they are covered in a very hard shell that makes them difficult to get to.

You might wonder what some uses are then for the peach seeds. Well in our opinion they are great to just plant and watch them grow into new fruit trees. They don’t require a lot of hard work and will show results pretty quickly.

Crack open the seed and let some oxygen get into the almond-like seed inside. Then plant this in soil that has been well watered. It should not be storing water and instead should be well-drained, meaning the water can leak out in the bottom of the pot via a hole.

Leave it in a sunny spot and then let the magic happen. The first few months might be boring but after that, the tree will begin to grow above the soil and eventually show great results.

With some good flow then you might be able to start harvesting from the tree after 2 – 3 years. That’s a pretty quick timeline in all honesty.

If you are wondering what some of the health benefits are for peach seeds then we have written about that as well. Find the article here, Peach Seed Health Benefits.

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How Many Peach Pits Are Toxic To Humans

The amount of peach pits that you have to eat is rather large in order for it to have a lethal effect on you. About 13 – 15 pits will be enough to put you in serious danger.

Therefore we recommend that you never ever try to introduce peach pits into your diet. Instead you can do like we said before here in the article and plant a seed and let it flourish into a wonderful tree eventually.

But there are other options as well, one of them being to use the seeds in compost instead. Here they can decompose and eventually turn back into the soil which will benefit existing plants and vegetables in your garden.

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Can You Eat The Almond Inside A Peach

You can not eat the almond inside a peach as the toxic compounds that are found here are very very bad for us humans. These toxic elements are called cyanide and if you consume enough of them the outcome will be lethal.

Because of this, we recommend you plant the seed instead of just throwing them in the compost where they can do some good instead. They will eventually turn into the soil which can help you in growing the peach tree in your garden.

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