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Welcome to this article that will be discussing if strawberries are related to roses or not. The quick and short answer to this question is that strawberries are related to roses. They are in the same family as plums, cherries, and even sloes

The family of roses is actually one of the most important crop families we have in the world. There is an incredible amount of money that goes into this industry. There are also plenty of people working in this industry too.

A country like the Netherlands even has one of its biggest exports roses. Some places really have adapted to this crop family. California for example is one of the largest places for growing strawberries. Follow along in this article and we will be discussing more in-depth about the topic of strawberries and plants related to it.

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Are Strawberries Related To Roses

As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article here, strawberries are actually related to roses. They are in the same family as apples and cherries even. This also means that it’s one of the largest crop families.

But these plants all grow pretty differently from one another. They all will want plenty of sunlight in order to encourage flowers to start sprouting and then turning into fruits or berries later on.

But their differences come in whether they want soil that’s drier or one that’s more well watered. Things like pruning and cutting them down a little bit after the season also creates a difference between them. Fruit trees like apples will need a lot of pruning at the end of the season in order to make it easier for the next year and create more space for new growth.

Smaller bushes like strawberries and raspberries are actually not very good to prune instead. This is the other side of the spectrum. Here there would be a lot more damage done if you were to start pruning them instead.

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Is Strawberry Part Of The Rose Family

More or less you could say that any tree or bush that is able to bear fruit will be included in the rose family. That means that even apples and pears would be in the same family as strawberries. But like we said in the segment just above here, there are quite a lot of differences between all the plants in this family.

Some of them will instead want to be pruned and trimmed really aggressively at the end of the season. Trees like apples and pears will need that in order to encourage the best growth and longevity of the tree.

They also differ a little bit in terms of the type of soil they need. Strawberries for example like soil which is slightly drier but also pretty rich in nutrition. Raspberries on the other hand seem like they can grow in basically any place whatsoever.

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What Flower Is Related To Strawberries

The most well-known flower that is related to strawberries would be the rose. This is one of the most widely planted flowers in the entire world and accounts for a very large industry even. A country like the Netherlands even has it as one of its largest exports during the season.

A fun fact is that even the wild-growing roses are in the same family as strawberries. You can say that any bush that grows berries is in the family of roses. Any tree that grows fruits is also in the same family too.

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