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Welcome to this article that will be believing deeper into the topic that is curly spines on a cactus plant. This is actually a pretty common occurrence in the wild. It will be formed this way to avoid animals and some insects getting to the plant and start eating it.

The spines are as you might already know a defense system as well as a water collecting system for the cactus. But when the environment becomes hostile in the shape of animals eating the plant, the spines might start to curl. This will hinder at least some attacks.

Follow along and we will learn even more about this wonderful houseplant that is the cactus.

Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot

Cactus With Curly Spines

Just like we said at the beginning of the article right here, the spines on the cactus plant will start to curl when the environment it’s growing in becomes hostile. These curly spines will act as a defense against the number one enemy of cactus plants, and birds.

It will become a lot more difficult for them to eat any of the plants when this happens. But the spines are not there only for protecting the plant. They will also be collecting water.

You are probably aware that cactus plants are known to withstand some really rough conditions to grow in, like deserts where access to water is very limited. Here is where the spines are coming into the picture.

We want to mention before diving even deeper, that the spines curling is not a bad thing, and you shouldn’t have to worry about birds eating your plant if you keep it indoors. Outdoors the likelihood is very low as well. 

But more on how the spines are collecting water. In the desert where the temperature is very high the water that is present in the soil will start to condense. This transforms into gasses of fumes that the spines on the plant will be able to collect. 

From here on the water gets transferred to the main stem of the plant. Here it will stay and serve as a supply of water when the plant might not get access to any otherwise. This is the reason it’s able to grow in such harsh and rough conditions.

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Cactus Plants Growing In The Window

Why Is My Cactus Spines Curling

We have already talked a little bit about why a cactus plant might start to have the spines curl. The reason we laid it out is that it feels threatened sometimes that animals will be eating from it.

This can also be triggered when the regular environment becomes harder to grow in. So the spines are curling this way in hopes of mitigating any danger that might otherwise occur. 

The best way of keeping the plant healthy and growing straight spines is by having a watering schedule that you follow and of course, adapt to when necessary. Making sure the plant is also getting the right amount of sunlight every day is also vital. Aim for between 6 – 8 hours at the least.

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Flowering Cactus Plant Outside

How Do You Take Care Of A Curly Cactus

Taking care of a curly cactus is really no different than taking care of a normal cactus plant. We want to make sure that the basic needs are covered. This includes watering and getting sun on the plant.

Watering should be done when the soil is starting to dry out a lot. We strive for a texture in the soil that is semi-dry only. This will best emulate the wild conditions it would normally grow in.

Getting enough sunlight is also important. If you keep the plant indoors like a lot of people will then we want it to get about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight. This will keep it on track with growth.

Flowering Cactus Plant