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Welcome to this post that will talk about the very interesting subject of smoking basil. There have of course been people using basil to smoke but the success varies depending on the purpose and goal. Basil has actually interestingly enough shown that it can reduce smoking if you have it in your tea. It is a very beneficial herb that makes your throat sore if you smoke after having a basil tea. Let’s reveal the answers you have been waiting for, can basil make you high? It absolutely can, but not to the same extent as more commonly used substances.

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Can You Smoke Basil

Like we outlined in the beginning of this article. Smoking basil is something you can do but it wont show the same effect as other substances that are available. Smoking basil has proven to be a mood enhancer and improves visual effects. But if it’s not activated properly then it shows more of a calming effect, similar to marujana. For the psychedelic part of smoking basil, it’s existent. A fun fact is that basil does share some similarities with LSD when used for these purposes.

Are you wondering if it’s even safe to smoke these herbs? Unfortunately they show similar toxic contents that are found in tobacco. These are tar and carbon monoxide for example. Long term these are very harmful to you, something that science has shown time and time again. But a lot of these herbs that are staple ingredients in cooking are of course safe to cook and eat, as we have done for many centuries. But the problem occurs when we light them and other compounds in the herbs get activated.

I figured I would include some more information about the contents of basil and its harmful long term effect it can have. It has been shown for example that basil can cause hypoglycemia. If you are using basil oil for medicinal purposes for a long time then it can be very harmful. It has been shown to introduce a greater risk for liver cancer.

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Is It Good To Smoke Basil

Let’s reiterate again on what we have been talking about here in this article. Smoking basil will most likely be a disappointment for you. It does not show the same psychedelic effects as the more traditional substances. But it has shown to reduces stress and generally be a mood enhancer. Note that smoking any herb really is just as harmful as tobacco as many of the same compounds can be found. They get activated once you light the herb. Some of those include tar and carbon monoxide.

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