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Smoking parsley doesn’t have the same popularity as other plants. It also doesn’t have the same history sourdoning it. The herb is very popular in today’s cuisines all over the world but never really saw a medicinal use like other popular culinary herbs.

Parsley does contain a lot of nutrients that are important for us to get. The argument for smoking parsley would be that you can get these nutrients by igniting the parsley as well and enjoy a cigarette too.

Parsley Plant
Parsley Plant

What Is Parsley

Parsley is a very popular culinary herb that sees use throughout a lot of different cuisines worldwide. It’s an easy to grow plant that will manage well in hard environments. Low amount of water and a lot of sun and the parsley plant will still be fine.

There are a few different varieties of parsley out there but we can more or less narrow it down to either flat leaf parsley or curly parsley. With the flat leaf parsley being the most widely planted one. With a savory taste and aroma to it it’s a great addition to a herbal cigarette blend.

Can You Smoke Parsley Flakes

Smoking parsley flakes is probably the best way to enjoy the herb this way. When you want to smoke something you will need to dry the herb beforehand. Otherwise you will notice that it burns really quickly but also produces a very nasty bitter flavor.

As with most herbal cigarettes there will be a blend in there in order to not have one herb overpowering the other one. Since parsley is a pretty strong herb that carries a lot of flavor then you should hold yourself to only using about 10 – 20 % for parsley.

Make sure you are lightly crushing the parsley beforehand to make it easier to roll a cigarette if you are making your own. 

Harvesting And Smoking Your Own Parsley

Making the most of your herbs and enjoying them while they are not there is very rewarding. When we are using herbs for smoking they will have been dried beforehand. This way we preserve the flavor more and they also keep a lot longer.

Harvesting the parsley is very easy. You can ifact just cut off a whole stem and then dry that slowly in the oven at the lowest temperature. This way we are keeping the aroma and flavor a lot better. Lightly crush the parsley when it’s completely dried. This way it will be easier to roll the cigarette too.

We recommend not only using parsley for the mix. That way we aren’t being overpowered with parsley flavor, as the herb can be pretty strong and aromatic. Try and use about 10 – 20 % of parsley and then other herbs like thyme or even mugwort. The aroma will be slightly sweet and savory. You might even get a slightly calming feeling too.

Parsley Leaves
Parsley Leaves

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Parsley

Smoking parsley hasn’t the same history and tradition around it like other herbs and plants out there. It wasn’t used for medicinal uses either. But there are benefits to smoking herbal cigarettes with parsley in them. The most prominent one being that it’s easier to get rid of a nicotine cigarette addiction with these.

They won’t contain any added chemicals and addictive nicotine either. But these cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA so if you want to be really sure about what you are smoking then you need to make your own or have a friend or trusted seller.

It’s often said that smoking parsley can help with anxiety and even sleep. Lighting a cigarette with this before sleep can help you fall asleep more quickly. But there are also negatives with smoking parsley. Whenever you are inhaling smoke you are getting carbon monoxide into your lungs. This greatly increases the risk for lung cancer and respiratory issues.

Summary And Conclusion

There is yet to be research published around smoking parsley and the potential benefits to it, but that goes for a lot of herbs and plants out there. Nowadays these are more used as house remedies like coughs and fevers.

Smoking parsley is said to give you a calming feeling and help make you fall asleep more quickly. The flavor will be pretty strong if you don’t dilute the parsley with other herbs. As with all smoking it will start taking a toll on your lungs, but it’s easier getting rid of smoking these cigarettes then the commercial nicotine ones.

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