The Benefits Of Smoking Raspberry Leaf

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What Is ItSide EffectsMaking A Herbal BlendCan it Be BadPros & ConsSummary

The raspberry plant might be more famous for the berries it produces. The sweet and fragrant raspberries have for centuries been eaten and used. But the leaves can also play a pretty important role. The leaves are fragrant and rich in aromas. Easy to harvest and roll into joints, it’s hard to see a better option than raspberry leaves for smoking.

What Are Raspberry Leaves

You have probably eaten raspberries before and know how delicious the flavor is. The leaves are also very delicious, for smoking that is. Eating the leaves is not something that has traditionally been done. Instead, smoking the leaves is the best way to get the flavor of them.

The raspberry leaves are also a seasonal product. They are at their absolute best at the beginning of the summer. This is shortly before the berries are getting ripe. At this point there is a lot of nutrition flowing through the plant and makes for very aromatic leaves.

There are many different smokable herbs out there, here we list some of best ones, 10 Smokable Herbs With Great Benefits.

Raspberry Leaf
Raspberry Leaf

The Side Effects Of Smoking Raspberry Leaf

As with most smoking there are a lot of side effects. Whenever you are inhaling smoke you are getting something called carbon monoxide into your body. This can be really dangerous if you are getting too much. It’s well researched that carbon monoxide increases the risk for cancer and respiratory issues. 

but comparing smoking raspberry leaves to regular cigarettes for example, then these herbal cigarettes are so much better. They won’t contain the addictive nicotine or other harmful chemicals in them. You are still getting toxic fumes in your body, but the amount is a lot less. It’s also easier to stop smoking these cigarettes since there is no nicotine in them.

Can You Make A Herbal Blend With Raspberry Leaves

You can definitely make a herbal blend with raspberry leaves. These are a great option for people who want to have something fragrant and not very strong in their herbal cigarette blend. Using raspberry leaves is often done to fill out space. 

The flavor is slightly sweet but not nearly as strong as oregano or mugwort for example. This way we can better enjoy the flavors of those herbs as the raspberry leaves will help carry the flavor and round off any sharp edges around it. It makes for a more enjoyable smoke. Raspberry leaves are also pretty slowly burning and will help you enjoy the buzz for even longer.

Make sure that before you are starting to make your blend that the leaves are completely dried. This is the ideal texture and condition they should be in before being rolled into a joint. Smoking fresh leaves will instead just give you a very bitter flavor and aroma.

Is Smoking Raspberry Leaf Bad For You

Smoking anything has side effects and negatives that come with it. When you are inhaling smoke you are getting carbon monoxide into your body that will give you a higher risk for cancer. 

The small particles that are in the smoke will stay in your lungs and almost scratch the lungs. This will eventually start causing respiratory issues for you. Luckily there is not any nicotine in raspberry leaves so it’s often a lot easier to get rid of this addiction than regular cigarettes.

Raspberry Leaf
Raspberry Leaf

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Raspberry Leaves

Lets list the negatives about smoking raspberry leaves quickly and then we can get into some of the exciting positives about it. As with all things that involve inhaling smoke, you are putting your body in danger. Inhaling carbon monoxide will increase the risk of the following:

  • Higher risk for lung cancer and tongue cancer
  • Higher risk for respiratory issues, worse stamina and difficulty to focus

There are some pretty interesting positives to smoking raspberry leaves. The leaves are very rich in antioxidants which will help you stay healthier as it’s a very important compound our body needs. The leaves are also rich in potassium and Vitamin C and B. There still needs to be research around the topic of whether the body is able to take these nutrients in via smoke and fumes.

Let’s look at the positives then:

Induction Of Labour

Using raspberry leaves with other herbs are a great option to help with labor. The herbal blend is known to give a relaxing and calming feeling. It’s often used by nurses helping with labor and referred to as a “natural nicotine”.

Premenstrual Symptoms

When you are digestive and getting the nutrition of raspberry leaves the right way then it can help the blood vessels. It helps relax muscles and in turn also makes PMS less harsh. It has been smoked and used in teas for centuries among a lot of cultures all over the world. It has therefore been a vital part of the development of early societies.

Tobacco Alternative

Like we have mentioned in the article already. The raspberry leaves are a great option for those who wish to stop with regular cigarettes. There is no nicotine present in raspberry leaves. Herbal cigarettes still have some harmful fumes produced when smoking it but lack the addictive chemicals found in commercial cigarette brands.

Summary And Conclusion

Smoking raspberry leaves has been done for centuries. It carries a lot of benefits that have been taken advantage of by cultures all over the world. Smoking raspberry leaves or herbal cigarettes are a much healthier option than regular cigarettes as they don’t contain any chemicals.

Raspberry leaves are very rich in both potassium and antioxidants, but also Vitamin B and C. But there is no research produced yet that supports that the body is able to take up these things when the leaves are ignited.

Pairing raspberry leaves with chamomile for example is a great way of introducing more aroma and flavour to your herbal cigarettes.

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Can You Smoke Parsley

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What Is ParsleySmoking Parsley Flakes Harvesting ParsleyPros & Cons Conclusion

Smoking parsley doesn’t have the same popularity as other plants. It also doesn’t have the same history sourdoning it. The herb is very popular in today’s cuisines all over the world but never really saw a medicinal use like other popular culinary herbs.

Parsley does contain a lot of nutrients that are important for us to get. The argument for smoking parsley would be that you can get these nutrients by igniting the parsley as well and enjoy a cigarette too.

Parsley Plant
Parsley Plant

What Is Parsley

Parsley is a very popular culinary herb that sees use throughout a lot of different cuisines worldwide. It’s an easy to grow plant that will manage well in hard environments. Low amount of water and a lot of sun and the parsley plant will still be fine.

There are a few different varieties of parsley out there but we can more or less narrow it down to either flat leaf parsley or curly parsley. With the flat leaf parsley being the most widely planted one. With a savory taste and aroma to it it’s a great addition to a herbal cigarette blend.

Can You Smoke Parsley Flakes

Smoking parsley flakes is probably the best way to enjoy the herb this way. When you want to smoke something you will need to dry the herb beforehand. Otherwise you will notice that it burns really quickly but also produces a very nasty bitter flavor.

As with most herbal cigarettes there will be a blend in there in order to not have one herb overpowering the other one. Since parsley is a pretty strong herb that carries a lot of flavor then you should hold yourself to only using about 10 – 20 % for parsley.

Make sure you are lightly crushing the parsley beforehand to make it easier to roll a cigarette if you are making your own. 

Harvesting And Smoking Your Own Parsley

Making the most of your herbs and enjoying them while they are not there is very rewarding. When we are using herbs for smoking they will have been dried beforehand. This way we preserve the flavor more and they also keep a lot longer.

Harvesting the parsley is very easy. You can ifact just cut off a whole stem and then dry that slowly in the oven at the lowest temperature. This way we are keeping the aroma and flavor a lot better. Lightly crush the parsley when it’s completely dried. This way it will be easier to roll the cigarette too.

We recommend not only using parsley for the mix. That way we aren’t being overpowered with parsley flavor, as the herb can be pretty strong and aromatic. Try and use about 10 – 20 % of parsley and then other herbs like thyme or even mugwort. The aroma will be slightly sweet and savory. You might even get a slightly calming feeling too.

Parsley Leaves
Parsley Leaves

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Parsley

Smoking parsley hasn’t the same history and tradition around it like other herbs and plants out there. It wasn’t used for medicinal uses either. But there are benefits to smoking herbal cigarettes with parsley in them. The most prominent one being that it’s easier to get rid of a nicotine cigarette addiction with these.

They won’t contain any added chemicals and addictive nicotine either. But these cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA so if you want to be really sure about what you are smoking then you need to make your own or have a friend or trusted seller.

It’s often said that smoking parsley can help with anxiety and even sleep. Lighting a cigarette with this before sleep can help you fall asleep more quickly. But there are also negatives with smoking parsley. Whenever you are inhaling smoke you are getting carbon monoxide into your lungs. This greatly increases the risk for lung cancer and respiratory issues.

Summary And Conclusion

There is yet to be research published around smoking parsley and the potential benefits to it, but that goes for a lot of herbs and plants out there. Nowadays these are more used as house remedies like coughs and fevers.

Smoking parsley is said to give you a calming feeling and help make you fall asleep more quickly. The flavor will be pretty strong if you don’t dilute the parsley with other herbs. As with all smoking it will start taking a toll on your lungs, but it’s easier getting rid of smoking these cigarettes then the commercial nicotine ones.

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Smoking Mugwort – Pros And Cons

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What Is ItCan You Get HighIs It LegalHealth BenefitsRisksBlending MugwortSide EffectsConclusion

Smoking mugwort has been done for many many centuries. The plant offers a pretty sweet and aromatic smell to whoever uses it. It’s a perennial plant that can quickly spread wherever it grows. 

But the main attraction throughout its many years of use is the slight psychoactive use the plant has. It’s known to give you a slightly vivid dream if you use it before you go to sleep.

Mugwort Plant
Mugwort Plant

What Even Is Mugwort?

Mugwort is a very old herb that has been cultivated for thousands of years. It offers medicinal uses, something that people discovered and it then started becoming a staple ingredient in a lot of households. 

The mugwort plant is known to very easily start to spread. Nowadays people growing this plant will do it in pots and then cut down the whole plant by the end of the season to stop any chance of it spreading seeds everywhere. 

Mugwort used for smoking is often harvested during the autumn or end of the season and then dried to be smoked later on. As with most herbs it’s often that more of the aroma comes through when you are drying it first. It removes any chance of it tasting very bitter.

Can Mugwort Be Psychoactive And Give You A Buzz

Mugwort can definitely give you a buzz. The plant has been used for this purpose for many years. It has been used for both inducing psychoactive experiences but also for medicinal uses.

The leaves of the plant would be dried and then lightly crushed. Rolled in paper and then ignited will give you a calming feeling and often reduce anxiety. But before people would have paper to roll the herb in they would lay it in pots and then ignite it that way. This would fill the room with the fumes and smokes from it. Anyone in there would slowly start feeling light and hallucinate too.

Smoking mugwort is very much legal. But there are laws surrounding where you are allowed to smoke. As in most cases, you would smoke mugwort in a herbal cigarette. Places that don’t allow smoking would also include herbal cigarettes.

It’s worth noting as well that the FDA doesn’t regulate the use of mugwort in cigarettes. This leaves sort of a greyspace where you are perhaps a bit unsure about what’s actually in these cigarettes. Sometimes the content and effect you would have hoped is not there in the commercially sold mugwort cigarettes.

Mugwort Plant
Mugwort Plant

The Benefits And Effects Of Smoking Mugwort

Mugwort is known to have quite a lot of benefits to it. It’s often used to reduce anxiety and even headaches. It was traditionally used to induce hallucinations or vivid dreams. The slightly sweet aroma and flavor the plant has is often why people also leaned towards it more.

Some of the more researched benefits that smoking mugwort offers are as following:

  • Arthritis Reduction
  • Digestive Issues
  • Menstrual Relief
  • Stress Reducing

Arthritis Reduction

In recent studies it has been discovered that mugwort smoke can help with relieving pain from arthritis. There hasn’t been a lot of research as the field is still rather new, but there seems to be a lot of benefits to it so far.

Throughout history the plant was often used to treat wounds, very successfully as well. It could even help tired legs or ease an upset stomach.The effects that moxibustion has is shown to even help with bad knees, a rather common issue among our elderly population.

Digestive Issues

If you were to introduce mugwort into your diet then you would actually see some pretty incredible benefits to your digestive system. Consuming mugwort is known to stimulate the gastric juice and the gastrointestinal tract and bile duct. 

Having mugwort in the diet has been proven to help with a number of other issues too, poor appetite, constipation, acid reflux and even stomach pain. A pretty interesting herb to say the least.

Menstrual Relief

Mugwort has been historically used to help with menstrual cramping for women. It was a pretty effective remedy as well. It even showed better the help of female reproductive systems. Eating mugwort was done to keep a healthy and regular menstrual cycle.

Much of the reason for mugwort having these effects is the presence of Eucalyptol. A property that helps with relaxing the muscles and even has an almost sedative effect on the person.

Stress Reducing & Anxiety Reducing

If you read previously about the effect smoking mugwort has then we mentioned that most people will feel relaxed around it. It has a stress reducing effect on the person. Something that made it a pretty prominent ingredient in herbal blends meant to produce smoke, later inhaled by humans.

There are claims out there that say smoking mugwort cna help with anxiety and even depression. It should be said that there is no research presented yet that proves this claim though.

Is It Dangerous To Smoke Mugwort

Since mugwort has a psychoactive and hallucination inducing effect on people there is definitely a chance some bad can happen when smoking it. It’s therefore recommended that you discuss it with a professional before trying it. 

As for other side effects it doesn’t really differ compared to smoking sage or smoking oregano. You will still be inhaling carbon monoxide which can be really toxic for the body if you take on too much. It’s the compound that’s found in all types of smoke and greatly increases the risk for lung cancer. There are however no additive chemicals in smoking mugwort as opposed to regular mainstream cigarettes.

Different Mugwort Smoking Blends

Mugwort is possible to be smoked by itself, but it shines even brighter when used with other ones instead. The mugwort has a psychoactive effect but flavor wise it has a sweeter flavor instead. This leaves room for building upon that and having a more fulfilling herbal cigarette.

Blending with herbs like sage and mugwort will give you a well-rounded cigarette that leaves you with a rich and fulfilling feeling. It’s smooth and slightly sweet and savory.

Mugwort Plant
Mugwort Plant

Are There Any Potential Side Effects To Smoking Mugwort

Apart from perhaps giving you hallucinations there are no different side effects to smoking mugwort compared to other plants and herbs. Whenevre you are igningitng something and inhaling the smoke then you are getting carbon monoxide into your system.

This will greatly increase the risk for lung cancer and even mouth cancer. But another issue you will see down the line if smoking is something you do a lot is respiratory issues. This is common among old smokers. Getting a smoker’s voice is often not something people want.


Smoking mugwort has the possibility of inducing hallucinations. It has an incredibly long history of being used for providing psychoactive effects. It was also used for medicinal purposes. It’s a plant that will be continued to be used for many more years most likely.

Side effects of smoking mugwort are really no different than smoking sage or lavender. Thankfully mugwort does not contain nicotine like regular cigarettes so getting rid of the habit of smoking will be easier. Now you will be getting carbon monoxide in your body that will produce long term issues.

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Can You Smoke Thyme

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What Is Thyme Thyme VarietiesBest VarietyQuitting SmokingPros & Cons SafetyHealth BenefitsConclusion

Using thyme to smoke isn’t perhaps the most common practice among those who use herbal cigarettes. But thyme has a rather long history surrounding it where it has been used for smoking quite frequently. Often in ceremonies where the aim was to clear rooms from spirits and purify it.

But nowadays smoking thyme would be done for the aroma and the flavor it would offer in a herbal cigarette. There is still research to be published on the topic of smoking herbs, but the proposal is that you are able to get a lot of the benefits in thyme for example when you ignite it and inhale the smoke.

Flowering Thyme
Flowering Thyme

What Is Thyme

Thyme is a widely cultivated herb that is native to Eurasia. The latin name for the plant is Thymus vulgaris. It’s a very popular herb in the Mediterranean and has been for centuries. Here it was used as a flavoring in food but also for burning and smoking sometimes.

Thyme is in the same family as mint where spearmint and peppermint are also members. It’s a perennial and it can manage really rough periods with drought and a lot of sunlight. There are about 350 different varieties of the plant worldwide. Just like the peppermint, the thyme plant is also known to be able to purify the air around it from harmful bacteria and microbes.

What Types Of Thyme Can You Smoke

There are over 350 different varieties of thyme out there, but there are some that are a lot more common than others and more widely available. They all offer slightly different flavors and benefits. Below is a short list of some of our favorites and accessible varieties:

  • Common Thyme
  • Lemon Thyme
  • Wolly Thyme
  • Creeping Thyme
  • Wild Thyme

Common Thyme

The most common and widely used thyme variety is the common thyme. It can range slightly in color depending on the environment it’s growing in. In a more humid and well watered soil the leaves will be more green and fragrant. In dryer climates the plant instead has a more yellow color to it.

Lemon Thyme

Lemon thyme might be even better than the common thyme. With the same look to it, this one instead has a very pleasant fragrance of lemon and citrus. It’s wonderful to use raw in salads and as a topping. It grows well in most envpiremtns.

Wolly Thyme

Slightly less fragrant than the other two. It has larger leaves and a thicker stem. Often used more for decoration rather than for cooking.

Creeping Thyme

This very common plant is often used to cover areas where it’s difficult to grow grass instead on a lawn. Thyme can handle router environments. It grows pretty slowly and is rarely used in cooking.

Wild Thyme

Wild thyme is probably the most difficult one to get a hold of from this list. It has beautiful red and purple flowers. Very fragrant with large and green leaves.

Thyme Plant
Thyme Plant

Which Thyme Variety Is Best To Smoke

The best variety of thyme to smoke is probably the lemon thyme one. It has a very fragrant smell that more or less everyone will enjoy. It’s pretty easy to come across and use. But it can also be pretty intense to smoke it.

Since it’s very fragrant, using it as more of a flavoring instead of simply just smoking it solely on its own. Lemon thyme could make up about 10 – 20 % of the total blend when using it for flavoring instead. If you are not into the citrusy aroma of lemon thyme then go for the common thyme instead. It will be slightly sweeter.

Can Thyme Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes are known to be very addictive because of the nicotine that is in there. Just like caffeine and sugar can be addictive as well. Where these new herbal cigarettes really excell is getting people to stop smoking cigarettes. They won’t contain any of the harmful additives and chemicals found in commercial cigarettes.

The act of lighting a cigarette and smoking it will be the same and can give off some of the same pleasures. There hasn’t been a lot of research surrounding the benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes. But one thing that has been discovered is that they do in fact help people get rid of a nicotine cigarette addiction pretty effectively.

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Thyme

There are some pros and cons to smoking them of course. In all honesty there are probably more positives than negatives. There is yet to be research published on the topic of smoking herbal cigarettes. It’s still not really known about whether or not you are able to take in the nutrients present in the herbs by inhaling the smoke.

The argument is that smoking the herbs is a more effective way of activating the essential oils in them and inhaling them via the smoke. There are however some negatives to this proposition. You are with every smoke you are inhaling also getting carbon monoxide. It’s a by-product when something is combusting.

Carbon monoxide is known to increase the risk of lung cancer and respiratory issues. But at least with herbal cigarettes you are not inhaling any of those nasty chemicals and nicotine found in the mainstream cigarette brands.

Is It Safe To Smoke Thyme

Smoking anything is bad for the body like we have mentioned previously. Whenever you are getting carbon monoxide into your body you are increasing the risk for both cancer and respiratory issues. 

But smoking a herbal cigarette with almost 100 % thyme will give you a cooling feeling which can help with a flu or even a fever sometimes. The reason you are getting that feeling is because the thyme plant is in the mint family.

Thyme Sprigs
Thyme Sprigs

The Health Benefits Of Smoking Thyme

Eating thyme by itself in its raw form will help give your body some essential oils and nutrition. But when smoked, the research is yet to be published whether you are able to still take up the nutrients. But a short list of some of the supposed benefits are as following:

  • Improves eyesight
  • Helps with coughs, colds and sore throat
  • Cures acne and scar issues
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Can treat respiratory issues
  • Helps with muscle cramps
  • Rich in antibacterial properties

Now it should be mentioned that smoking anything and inhaling the smoke can be harmful to the body. The particles in the smoke stay in the lungs and can create long term problems.

Conclusion And Summary

Let’s conclude the topic of smoking thyme. It’s something that has been done for many centuries. Burning thyme was perhaps the more common practice instead. Used often to help clear rooms and cleanse them before spiritual ceremonies. 

Nowadays smoking is often done with herbal cigarettes. These have become rather popular in recent decades and are a great means to stop smoking nicotine cigarettes instead. The flavor and aroma of thyme really comes forth when you ignite the herb in a cigarette.

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Smoking Mint – The Health Benefits

mint, peppermint, herbs-5274718.jpg

What Is MintSmoking MintBenefitsHistory Of Smoking MintQuitting CigarettesRisksConclusion

Smoking mint doesn’t have the same history and tradition surrounding it as smoking sage and tea has. Mint has often been used for more medicinal uses. The strong aroma and flavor of the mint is what made people consider this plant for these uses.

But smoking mint is very much possible. There are always risks when smoking something, but comparing these herbal cigarettes to regular ones, then we have a clear winner. Smoking herbal cigarettes do a lot less harm to your body. The flavor and aroma you get from smoking mint is also very pleasing. The refreshing minty flavor really comes through.

Mint Plant
Mint Plant

What Is Mint

Mint is a very common herb to grow at home. It’s most often used in desserts or sweeter dishes. But the mint family has so many different varieties that you can really find the flavor that suits you.

There is everything from chocolate mint to lemon mint. They all have a minty aroma but slightly differ from each other depending on the variety. It’s a large family and plants such as sage and oregano are also included here.

When we are discussing smoking mint here, then we are referring to the peppermint, since that is the most commonly grown one. It has a nice almost spiciness to it that also shows when smoking the herb. Peppermint being a natural cross between watermint and spearmint we get the best of both worlds.

Smoking Mint And The Health Benefits

In the family of mitn there are over 600 different varieties to choose from. They all slightly differentiate themselves in terms of what they offer for benefits. Mint is known to be rich in antioxidants. This is a vital thing the body needs to get in its natural diet, helps a lot in preventing sickness but also more quickly recovering.

We should mention that there is no concrete scientific research out yet that supports any claim that smoking mint is better than just eating it. The argument is that more beneficial stuff in the mint is activated when you are igniting it.

Going off what people are saying themselves when smoking then it’s supposed to have a calming and anxiety reducing effect. The aroma and flavor of mint really comes forth as well. Like people who chew tobacco flavored with mint, it has the same effect as chewing a mint gum. It cools your mouth and gives you a refreshing breath.

Mint Plant
Mint Plant

Benefits To Smoking Mint

There are no proven benefits to smoking mint. The theory about smoking mint or any herb for that matter is that more nutrients are able to be activated and inhaled by the body when ignited. But there is nothing proven to support this theory. 

There is however some pretty clear evidence for that smoking mint or any herbal cigarettes have negatives to it. Whenever you are inhaling smoke then you are getting carbon monoxide into your body. This can be incredibly harmful if you do it too much. It is known to greatly increase the risk for cancer in the lungs. It has the side effect of also causing respiratory issues too.

How Long Has Mint Been Used To Smoke

Smoking mint does not have the same historical or traditions surrounding it as smoking sage or smoking oregano has. The mint plant was instead used for medicinal purposes.

But in recent decades there has been more and more people looking for alternatives to smoking cigarettes. This is where herbal cigarettes come in. Menthol cigarettes were pretty popular for a few years but then saw a drastic decline as the trend sort of died out. 

But it seems like herbal cigarettes are making a comeback again. Mint cigarettes are probably one of the most pleasant and flavorful varieties you could get then. It cools you off and doesn’t give you a bad breath afterwards.

Can Smoking Mint Help To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking mint can definitely help with quitting smoking cigarettes. These herbal cigarettes have gained a lot of popularity in recent decades. They don’t contain the same harmful chemicals that regular cigarette brands do. You don’t get the addictive nicotine either.

So smoking herbal cigarettes seems like the much better option here for getting rid of an addiction. It’s a healthier option for sure, but you are still inhaling toxic carbon monoxide.

Since these herbal cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA, I think you can never really be sure about the contents of these cigarettes. If you want to be better educated about what you are smoking then you should look into making your own herbal cigarettes.

Mint Leaves
Mint Leaves

The Risks Of Smoking Mint

We have mentioned the most prominent risk to smoking mint here already. It’s about the risk of still inhaling carbon monoxide. It’s something you can’t escape if you are smoking anything. 

Carbon monoxide is a toxic fume that increases the risk of getting cancer in the lungs, but it also will make your breathing more difficult after being an active user for years. The long term issues and risks of smoking anything is often not worth it.

Conclusion And Summary

Let’s summarize this article a little bit. Smoking mint is a pretty new phenomena as herbal cigarettes are becoming more and more popular in recent years. There isn’t any research out yet that supports some of the beneficial claims to smoking herbal cigarettes. But it’s pretty easy to say it’s a healthier option than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

The risks you are letting on include lung cancer and mouth cancer when smoking these mint cigarettes, although those same risks are included when smoking nicotine cigarettes too.

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Can You Smoke Rosemary And Should You

herbs, seasoning, plant-5117039.jpg

What Is RosemarySmoking RosemaryRisksBenefitsEffectsDrying RosemaryConclusion

Smoking rosemary is one of those things that should be left for more special occasions, especially if you are drying and rolling your own joints with the herb. Rosemary is such a powerful culinary herb that will provide a sensational experience when used in a herbal blend.

Other herbs like chamomile and lavender are known to give you a very pleasant and relaxing feeling when smoked. The same really goes when smoking rosemary. It can help with reducing anxiety and also offer a lovely aroma to the room and surroundings. 

There are many different smokable herbs out there, here we list some of best ones, 10 Smokable Herbs With Great Benefits.

Rosemary Sprigs
Rosemary Sprigs

What Is Rosemary

The rosemary herb is originally from the mediterranean. Here it is still widely planted and used in the cuisine. It’s in the same family as both mint and sage. It has a pretty strong and aromatic flavor to it that yields it very good to be used in cooking. The natural oils will start coming forth when you heat the rosemary.

With hints of pepper, mint and even lemon in the raw form those flavors seem to be enhanced even more when you light a cigarette filled with it. Besides being used so widely in cooking then rosemary has also seen a lot of use in medicinal cases. The plant, like sage, was believed to help with sickness and disease because of the aroma it had. Which is partly true since rosemary is known to be rich in antioxidants.

Harvesting And Smoking Rosemary Leaves

If you have rosemary growing at home and wish to use it the next time in a herbal blend to smoke then you first need to harvest some. This is best done by cutting off a twig of rosemary and dragging the leaves from it.

Afterwards you should at very low temperatures try and dry the leaves. That will help maintain the aroma and concentration in the leaves so smoking it won’t be a disappointment.

It’s still not that common to smoke rosemary but paring it with cannabis seems to be the more common option instead. This will help enhance and provide a very citrusy and almost spruce like flavor to the blend. 

When rolling the blend you should lightly crush or chop the leaves of rosemary. That will make it easier to roll the cigarette. It also has the added effect of activating some of the naturally present oils in the rosemary.

Can Smoking Rosemary Be Bad For You

Like smoking anything it will be bad for you. You are inhaling something called carbon monoxide. This is a really toxic fume which will eventually cause your body to have a higher risk of developing cancer. 

Since you are also getting carbon monoxide into your lungs, some of that will stick with it and eventually cause you to have respiratory issues. We should mention that smoking rosemary won’t provide more harm than any other herb really, and it’s definitely a better option than smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes have plenty of harmful chemicals in them that makes them both addictive but also incredibly bad for the body. So herbal cigarettes like rosemary ones are a much better option instead.

These herbal cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA which makes it very difficult for you to ensure that what is in the herbal cigarettes is actually what it is. Instead you could make your own cigarettes to ensure that you are smoking what you are expecting.

Note that if you are either pregnant or breastfeeding then you should avoid smoking cigarettes such as rosemary ones or any cigarettes for that matter. The impact it can have on the child is severe.

Rosemary Plant
Rosemary Plant

Benefits Of Smoking Rosemary

There are benefits to smoking rosemary despite what we mentioned previously. The herb has a lot of medicinal benefits when used in its raw form, but will offer a lot too when smoked. Below are some of the ones we particularly like.

  • Enhancing memory and cognitive ability

The rosemary has actually been called a “remembrance herb”. It has been used to preserve one’s memory and also boost the activity in the brain. Rosemary was for most of history used for spiritual and ceremonial purposes instead of smoked or eaten like today. The aroma seemed to provide a boosted level of concentration, speed and even accuracy.

  • Anti-inflammatory effects

Rosemary is known to be an anti-inflammatory herb that even provides antioxidants for the body. Which is why rubbing rosemary on open wounds or infections was such a popular method for many centuries. It can help with blood circulation and reduce pain even.

  • Neurological protection

An incredibly interesting effect that rosemary can have on the body’s protection against brain damage. This is one of the most unique abilities the herb has. There is something in the rosemary which is called carnosic acid. This compound is known to help brain recovery and fight free radicals in the brain.

  • Helps with eye health

Rosemary is like we learned rich in carnosic acid. This can apart from helping the brain also help with eye health. It can help treat infections and inflammations concerning the eye, like macular degeneration.

The Effects Of Smoking Rosemary

Most of these herbal cigarettes that are becoming popular these days provide more or less the same effect. It will give you a relaxing and calming effect. Same goes for smoking basil or even mint. 

When you are introducing cannabis in with the rosemary then you will notice that the calming effect is even more amplified. The two herbs seem to play really great together. 

As for studies sourdoning smoking rosemary there really isn’t much to be can cite. Instead we have to make relatively logical assumptions as to why some of the experiences are happening. The relaxing and stress reducing effect is most likely from something called terpene caryophyllene. This compound is actually present in a lot of different herbs, even in cannabis and thyme. It helps regulate the blood system which leads to reduced stress too.

Rosemary Bush
Rosemary Bush

Drying Your Rosemary For Future Use

Drying rosemary leaves is a really easy process. You first need to get your hands on some rosemary ofcourse. After you have your sprigs of rosemary we recommend dragging the leaves entirely. The stem is not really that nice to smoke and will instead offer a very bitter flavor and aroma.

Lay out the leaves on a tray and dry in a dehydrator or your oven at about 80 – 90 fahrenheit. This is low enough so all the flavor and aroma components will stay in the rosemary and you will have a lovely experience smoking it.

Store it in a very dry place where no moisture will be able to enter. That will help increase the longevity of the rosemary leaves.

Summary And Conclusion

Rosemary is very possible to smoke and enjoy at home. The herb will provide you with a very relaxing and calming feeling. Rosemary is know to help regulate the blood in the body which often leads to less stress and the feeling of being calm,

But smoking too much of rosemary will give a numbing effect and also increases the risk of cancer. Carbon monoxide is produced when igniting something. These fumes can be really harmful to the body and will lead to respiratory issues eventually.

All in all, these herbal cigarettes are a much better option if you are a smoker. It will have a lot less negatives around it compared to the regular and mainstream cigarettes.

Mint cigarretes are becoming more and more popular these days. But making your own with rosemary is actually quite the treat.

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Smoking Tea – The Benefits And Risks

tea, tea leaf, tea jar-6069409.jpg

Smoking TeaHealth BenefitsSmoking Tea vs Drinking TeaLegalityMaking Your OwnBest Tea To SmokeConclusion

Smoking tea might not seem like the most obvious choice for using tea. Instead, making tea from it is the most popular use for it and what comes to mind for most people. Smoking tea however is starting to gain more and more popularity.

In Vietnam it became popular a few decades ago to start smoking green tea cigarettes, but recently it has become a trend in the US too.

It’s well known already that drinking and consuming tea has many health benefits, be that from green tea, olong, black or white tea. They all carry individual flavors and aromas that sets them apart.

Making tea from these leaves has long been a tradition in many Asian countries and is often related to rituals or ceremonies. But they were also used for smoking as well throughout these important moments. Note the same way we do it these days perhaps when we roll them up and light them. Instead they would be lit in small containers and the fumes left to fill the room.

Different Tea Varieties
Different Tea Varieties

Why Would Anyone Start Smoking Tea?

The reason you might want to start smoking tea instead of simply just enjoying it as it is most commonly, in warm water to be drinked is to have that feeling of inhaling smoke.

It’s often reported by people who smoke that the feeling of lighting the cigarette and then inhaling the smoke is a very relaxing process that is hard to replicate. The same technique goes for smoking tea cigarettes. You will however not be inhaling any of the harmful chemicals that are often present in the mainstream cigarette brands we have in the world.

The Health Benefits To Smoking Tea

As for health benefits for smoking tea, there is no concrete research or science published so far. So the evidence or benefits we are presenting is based solely on what people themselves are said to experience. It is likely that more and more research will be published as replacements for smoking are becoming more and more popular.

But as a short bullet list for the health benefits of smoking tea we have as following: 

  • Lowered anxiety
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Better metabolism
  • Great cigarette replacement
  • Energy boost from the caffeine

Lowered Anxiety

It’s often reported by people that lighting a cigarette will help with a lowered anxiety. The act of smoking sort of gives you time for yourself to wind down and think for a second. 

Drinking tea has similar effects and it seems like smoking tea will also help with anxiety much in the same way. 

Cognitive Enhancements

Since tea, or in this case green tea contains something called L-theanine it is noted that smoking tea will provide you with a greater ability to use your body and not feel strained or uneasy.

It helps with memory, focus and even learning abilities. The studies that have been done researching this have however only done it with green tea, and here caffeine is present which is known to give energy boosts and enhance the focus.

The people saying they feel an enhanced cognitive ability has not yet been proven. It hasn’t been studied yet if L-theanine can be consumed when smoking tea, or if it’s easier for the body to do it by drinking tea instead. Drinking green tea is currently the recommended method for consuming these benefits.

Better Metabolism

It has for quite some time now been known that drinking tea, and especially green tea has an effect of boosting metabolism and making it easier for the body to process food and take the nutrients from it.

But tea is also known to help with burning fat and be a great additive in a weight loss diet. Tea is very rich in antioxidants, a very important property when trying to have a healthy body.

Cigarette Replacement

Like we mentioned before, smoking green tea cigarettes instead of the mainstream ones is a much healthier option for the body. You won’t have the harmful chemicals that cigarettes have and you will still get a calming and anxiety reducing feeling too.

You are still inhaling toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide but you are reducing your intake of the addictive nicotine found in cigarettes. It’s definitely a better option for the body, no research yet has however shown that it is a healthy option.

Energy Boost

As tea contains caffeine, it can provide you with the same effect and energy boost that a good coffee can too. But note that there seems to be a threshold where too much won’t do you any good. 

We should also mention that there is also no concrete research on this topic that shows that you are able to take in any of the caffeine when smoking tea cigarettes. We are simply going off from what people have themselves been reporting.

Dried Tea Leaves
Dried Tea Leaves

Comparing Smoking Tea To Drinking Tea

On the topic of whether it’s better to smoke or drink tea we seem to have a pretty clear winner. Drinking tea carries a lot more health benefits to it compared to simply just smoking it.

Your body is able to withdraw more of the benefits from the tea as compared to simply just smoking the tea. There is also not enough research to support any of the proposed health benefits smoking tea is supposed to have.

No matter what you are smoking you are getting carbon monoxide into your body which can with time be a real issue for your body. The harmful properties that it contains will increase the risk for both lung cancer but also for mouth cancer. If used too much you will also start experiencing respiratory issues eventually.

There is a theory however where smoking the tea seems to win. That is when you want the caffeine from tea into your body in the most effective way. It’s believed that smoking tea is a more efficient way for the caffeine to enter your body and give you that energy boost.

It is perfectly legal to smoke tea. It is starting to become a trend in the US for people to instead smoke herbal blends instead of regular cigarettes. That creates the perfect opportunity for introducing tea into the blend.

Just like it’s legal to buy and drink green tea or black tea, the same goes for buying tea cigarettes. You should however know that there are laws that differ from state to state about where you are able to smoke and also about secondhand smoking. Some areas might also prohibit smoking entirely, here the same goes for tea cigarettes too. A tea cigarette will be legally viewed more or less the same way as a regular cigarette.

Can You Make Your Own Cigarettes With Tea

It’s very possible to start making your own cigarettes with tea. You would simply buy the package of green tea, or whichever variety you wish and then roll it in rolling paper. 

At this point it’s ready to be enjoyed and smoked. There are stores that carry pre packaged tea cigarettes. But the FDA is not responsible for regulating these cigarettes so no quality check is possible. There are still risks when smoking tea cigarettes, just like regular ones and research is still to be published and discovered.

Black Tea Bag
Black Tea Bag

What Tea Is Best To Smoke

The best and most common tea to be smoking seems to be green tea. Here there is a rich amount of nutrients that are able to be enjoyed. Green tea is rich in caffeine, and smoking tea seems to be a great and quick way of getting that caffeine into your body. 

But there is otherwise no research showcasing that smoking tea has more benefits than simply drinking it. 

As for smoking the tea though, you can either buy prepackaged tea cigarettes ready to be enjoyed, or you can buy blends that yourself will roll up and light. But buying only green tea and making your own blends is also very much possible.

Summary And Conclusion

As for concluding this article about smoking and drinking tea, there is a pretty clear winner. Drinking tea seems to be the most reliable option for getting the nutrients into your body and not missing out on any of them at all.

Smoking tea has long been a part of traditional tea ceremonies, but more to fill the room with the smell and aroma of the tea. It’s in more recent years that tea has been seen as a replacement for regular cigarettes, and used in the same manner.

One theory however shows that it’s easier for the body to take up the caffeine from tea when smoked, compared to drinking it. But with all smoking it comes with health risks too. You are inhaling carbon monoxide which can in large quantities develop irreversible damage to your body.

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10 Smokable Herbs With Great Benefits

annual mugwort, mugworts, artemisa annua-5188179.jpg

SkullcapMintSageMugwortRosemaryBasilRosesChamomileThymeParsleyMaking Your Own Blend

Making the most of the garden you have at home is a priority to us, and we feel like it would be for most people who put down time and energy to care for theirs. Below are some of the most common and best herbs you could smoke instead of marijuania. 

They are all legal and perfectly fine to smoke, they even offer their own smell and flavor depending on the variety. The best part is that they don’t contain nicotine which makes them addictive. They are also non-hallucinogenic which might be one of the reasons they haven’t gained as much popularity just yet.

These varieties are able to be mixed with each other to produce some really smooth and flavorful cigarettes. They are also able to be found online for the most part. But if you are growing your own, then it’s as simple as harvesting and carefully drying them before rolling up a joint of herbs to smoke.

Skullcap Plant
Skullcap Plant


Skullcap might not be the most common plant to have in the garden at home, but it is a great variety to use for smoking. It’s easy to care for and also easy to start harvesting from.

Smoking Qualities

When smoked it will have a slight calming and anxiety reducing effect to it. The flavor might be a bit bland so mixing this one with other herbs is a great way to get the most from it. Expect a medium smoke that won’t leave you with a bad breath or a smelly room.

How To Grow Skullcap

Best way of propagating this plant is indoors during the spring by planting the seeds in rows. Outdoors in the garden you will quickly learn that it’s a perennial that can spread pretty fast. Try and find a slightly shady area for the plant to grow in but also ensure that the soil is rich in nutrients and well draining too.

Mint Plant
Mint Plant


Mint is a pretty new herb to start smoking. It doesn’t really have the same history as a lot of other ones. Menthol cigarettes are something that have been developed in recent decades and seem to be sticking around. 

Smoking Qualities

When you are lighting up a menthol cigarette filled with mint you can expect to have a very refreshing taste and aroma with it. It will last you some time as mint is pretty slow burning. Depending on the variety of mint you are using you can have flavors all from pepper to chocolate even. The options are really endless with this one.

How To Grow Mint

Mint is a really easy plant to start growing at home since it’s very little work maintaining or caring for the plant. The mint family is known to be pretty hardy and can withstand periods without a lot of water. Try and find a partially shaded area to grow the mint. Fertilize the soil rather frequently to keep the growth nice and steady. Growing it in a pot will make it very easy for you to move it around as well.

Mint Varieties

Some of our favorites in the mint family are the spearmint and chocolate mint. But if you are looking for something a bit more peppery then peppermint is the perfect option. Something a bit less harsh then you could try out watermint.

Sage Plant
Sage Plant


Sage is perhaps the plant that has the most history sourdonig its use for smoking. It’s pretty well known that in South and North America this plant was widely used to burn and smoke for spiritual rituals and ceremonies. The strong aroma that came from the plant is most likely why it saw such a great use.

Smoking Qualities

The aroma and flavor of smoking sage can be rather strong. This is also the family where there are some psychoactive plants used for smoking. Salvia divinorum being the variety which was used for getting high. It is however very hard to find that variety these days though.

How To Grow Sage

Growing sage is pretty easy. The family of sage is well known to be able to grow in some of the more harsh and difficult environments. The plant can handle periods without water very well. Growing the plant from a seed you should try and find a very sunny and well draining area. Make sure you are watering the plant regularly however to ensure its growing the right way.

Sage Varieties

There are quite a few sage varieties out there like we mentioned, around 900 to be exact. The most common one being white sage. The psychoactive variety however is called salvia divinorum, and there seems to be only one of them in the family.

Mugwort Plant
Mugwort Plant


Mugwort might be one of the oldest herbs that were used for smoking. The plant is known to have been used to active and provide vivid dreams to the user. While awake the plant was also able to give off a slight psychoactive effect too.

Smoking Qualities

It’s a very light aroma that comes forth when you smoke mugwort. It’s really the opposite to smoking mint or sage for example. But the flavor is pretty sweet with the mugwort, which might be one of the draws to smoking this plant.

How To Grow Mugwort

Growing mugwort is really no hard task. The plant is a perennial that will quickly take hold of wherever it is cultivated. Just make sure the area is rather rich in sunlight and has a well draining soil. It’s possible to grow it from a seed, but to skip some steps it’s way easier to just buy a potted plant instead. Cutting and harvesting the stems during the fall is a great way of halting any aggressive spread the plant might otherwise have.

Rosemary Plant
Rosemary Plant


Rosemary is one of the most widely used culinary herbs we have, but it is also a great option for smoking. It doesn’t have the same history for smoking as some of the other herbs we have discussed. It was for long cultivated in the Mediterranean, where it is still very popular.

Smoking Qualities

Smoking rosemary will provide you with a pretty intense citrusy aroma. The herb is very rich in natural oils that get activated or more noticeable when ignited. To have the best possible flavor you should only use the leaves, as the stem can bring a slight bitter flavor otherwise.

How To Grow Rosemary

Growing rosemary might be something a lot of people want to get into. It’s really not that difficult as the plant can handle really difficult climates. Growing it indoors you just need to find a very sunny window where it can enjoy a relatively dry soil too. This will produce a very fragrant plant. Harvesting the leaves during the fall and then drying will help you keep a storage to later on be smoked.

Basil Plant
Basil Plant


Smoking basil is also one of those new things that are trying to get a hold but can’t quite do it. Basil is a very common culinary herb that a lot of people are growing at home in their kitchen, but it mostly sees its use in culinary endeavors.

Smoking Qualities

Basil has a slight sweet flavor to it once being smoked. It doesn’t have the same intses perfume it has when raw. As for smoking the plant, a slot of people are reporting they feel more calm and less anxious when smoking basil.

How To Grow Basil

Basil might be one of the easiest herbs to grow at home. It requires water about 2 – 3 times a week during the summer if you are keeping it indoors. Find a sunny window and place the plant there. You will quickly see that once you start picking some of the leaves, it won’t take long until new ones grow out again. Dry the leaves before smoking them to have a more intense and pleasant flavor.

Rose Petals
Rose Petals


Smoking roses has actually been done for many centuries. It’s an old tradition to smoke to cleanse rooms from bad spirits. Not a very common practice anymore perhaps, but there is something to take away from this. 

Smoking Qualities

Once you ignite roses they will give off a pretty aromatic and intense aroma. It will quickly fill the room. Most people smoking roses are doing so to feel more relaxed and easy minded. But it’s also great to smoke before going to bed as it will make you more sleepy too.

How To Grow Roses

It’s honestly not that common to grow roses at home. The time consumption of growing them and keeping them is pretty high. Instead of growing from a seed then the best idea would be to buy a potted plant and then transplanting it. Find a relatively sunny and well drainage area for the rose plant. This will produce aromatic and beautiful rose flowers.

Chamomile Plant
Chamomile Plant


Chamomile might actually be one of the most common herbs to smoke. It’s long been used for making tea and gives you a relaxing and calming feeling. The flavor is often described like this as sweet and almost fruity.

Smoking Qualities

Once smoked instead the chamomile will instead start showing off more aromatic notes. A closet variety by the name of pineapple weed gives you a hint of the fruitiness that you can experience when smoking chamomile. For the best flavor when smoking you should try and restrain yourself to only the small flower buds. This is where the flavor is located.

How To Grow Chamomile

Chamomile is a pretty easy perennial plant to keep at home on a balcony or in a garden. The plant will need a partially shaded area and soil that is well draining. You won’t have to worry that much about watering the plant all the time. It’s a very hardy variety that seems to have an even more intense flavor when left to dry a little bit.

Thyme Plant
Thyme Plant


Thyme is a very common culinary herb that might be a great option to start smoking. The plant offers very pleasant aromas when used in cooking. But does something shift when you instead try and smoke the plant.

Smoking Qualities

Smoking thyme will give a pretty intense aroma that surrounds you. There are a lot of natural oils in the thyme that get activated when heated and especially when ignited. If you manage to only pick and use the thyme leaves then you will also get a more pronounced sweetness when smoked.

How To Grow Thyme

Thyme is a very easy to grow herb at home. It will often grow better if left to its own devices. The plant doesn’t need a lot of pruning and uplifting. Instead just ensure the plant gets about 6 hours light each day and the soil isn’t drying out too much for too long. Watering about once a week is often enough, even during the summer. Harvest as you go and dry the sprigs before rolling joints with them.

Parsley Plant
Parsley Plant


Parsley is one of those herbs that so many people love, but its use seems to be limited to just cooking. Well we are here to change that. The herb actually changes quite a bit when dried instead and used for smoking.

Smoking Qualities

Parsley doesn’t have the same savory flavor one dried instead. The herb sort of changes to a more sweeter profile. This then shows when smoking the herb too. The reason we often say that dried leaves are the best to smoke is that you get rid of the bitterness fresh leaves have. The length of the cigarettes will also be longer.

How To Grow Parsley

Growing parsley is really easy. Just like with basil, the more you start taking from the plant the more leaves you will see starting to grow out. Try and find a very sunny, well draining spot to grow your parsley. Fertilizing the soil every now and again will help boost the strength of the plant, but also the amount you can harvest.

Making Your Own Herbal Smoking Blends

If you wish to make your own herbal cigarettes then you need to get your hands on some dried leaves. If you are growing any of the plants above here then you can harvest sprigs from them.

Separate the leaves and then slowly dry them either outside or in the oven. This will help maintain the flavor and aroma of them. Lightly crush them to make it easier to roll them into a joint. This is where the magic happens as you can make your own favorite mixes, sage and oregano for example or basil and lavender.

General Guidelines

  • Mullein is the best possible base for making herbal blends. The plant offers a mild taste and should make up about 50 % of the mixture.
  • This is when you add body to your blend. Mugwort is a pretty heavy herb that offers body and whight to the cigarette.
  • The last 10 – 15 % of the blend should be the flavoring, like sage or lavender for example.
  • If you feel the blend is too harsh then you can add some water to the mixture to dull it slightly.

Sage is one of the best herbs to use for flavoring as it has a lot of strength and aroma to it. Here you can experiment a little bit with different varieties, either black sage, white sage or even pineapple sage.

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Smoking Oregano And The Effects Of It

oregano, leaves, herbs-2662890.jpg

What Is ItOregano LeafHow To Smoke ItRisksIs It LethalCan You Get HighBenefitsConclusion

Smoking oregano might be one of the more new forms of enjoying culinary herbs in cigarettes. The use of these herbal cigarettes has proven to be a great way of slowly getting rid of a nasty tobacco addiction. 

There are no additives or chemicals or tobacco in these herbal cigarettes, making them a much healthier option. They will still make you inhale carbon monoxide however. Smoking solely oregano isn’t really that common. These herbal blends are often a mix of several different ones. For example basil, sage and mint or common blending partners.

The flavor of oregano is slightly minty, much because it’s in the same family as mint. But it will have a slightly cooling effect too, along with a herbal aroma similar to basil.

Oregano Plant
Oregano Plants

What Is Oregano

Oregano is a culinary herb that is used a lot in cooking. The herb is in the same family as the mint, but the flavor of the two are pretty different. The oregano has a more savory flavor and use in the kitchen. Mint often leans more towards sweeter dishes.

There is a large amount of different oregano varieties out there, but they all grow pretty much the same way. They will require very dry soil and plenty of sunlight. This is the magical combination that creates the flavor concentration the herb is known for. 

The herb is of great use when you want to get rid of contaminations. Oregano contains thymol and carvacrol which are phytonutrients. These are great when fighting steph. The plant is also rich in antibacterial and cancer preventive properties. 

For a maximized diet you should know that oregano also has plenty of Vitamin K, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin E and even tryptophan. A fun fact about the oregano is that the plant actually gets its flavor from these cancer preventive agencies like thymol, carvacrol, limonene and ocimene.

Using The Oregano Leaf

As with almost all the different culinary herbs out there, the oregano will need to be dried in order to be used for smoking. Lighting a fresh leaf won’t do much for you.

Instead you should take the leaves and slowly dry them until they are crispy. Then you can start by making your herbal blend for the cigarette. You can of course only use oregano if you wish, but pairing it with either sage or basil is a great way to introduce more flavor and benefits.

How Do You Smoke Oregano

The best way of enjoying the oregano when used for smoking is rolling it up in rolling paper, like you would with any cigarette. You can mix it with other wonderful culinary herbs that have also been dried.

After rolling it you can light one end and then start puffing and inhaling the smoke. The flavor will be slightly minty and cooling, since the oregano is apart of the mint family. You might experience a euphoric feeling too paired with reduced anxiety and stress. Smoking oregano is a great way to relax.

The Risks Of Smoking Oregano

There is like anything you smoke a risk that you are taking in too much carbon monoxide into your body. This is what increases the risk for lung cancer and mouth cancer too. But there is a significantly lower risk of you getting very sick or ill from smoking herbal cigarettes compared to regular tobacco cigarettes. The reason being that these are rarely filled with chemicals and harmful additives, which are however common in the more mainstream cigarette brands.

The benefits of switching over to herbal cigarettes where you are smoking oregano instead of tobacco is plenty. It’s often that the act of lighting a cigarette and then inhaling the smoke is addictive, but you are doing the same process with these cigarettes too. 

There hasn’t been enough research yet to confirm whether the same properties that are within the herb gets activated when igniting it as compared to eating it either raw or in a tea. But it would seem weird that any of these nutrients would get completely lost all together.

Oregano Sprigs
Oregano Sprigs

Can Smoking Oregano Kill You

It is very unlikely that you will die from smoking oregano. But like smoking anything you are inhaling toxic fumes that pass through your lungs. These fumes contain small particles which will eventually start making an impact.

The risk of both lung cancer and mouth cancer are significantly higher when smoking anything. But you also run the risk of having respiratory issues as the smoke sort of builds up in your lungs.

Will Smoking Oregano Get You High

Smoking oregano will most likely not be able to make you high. Instead the benefits of smoking this herb is more for calming the nerves and giving you peace of mind. It’s well known that tea from oregano is beneficial to reduce anxiety and stress. The same seems to go when smoking the oregano instead.

It can provide a small euphoric feeling when smoked and in very large quantities can give you hallucinations. At that point however, you have likely gone way too far and the benefits of smoking smaller amounts have been cast out the window. It is important to know that the smoke is dangerous for us when inhaling too much. 

Avoid smoking oregano if you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding. Almost goes without saying, but the negatives that a baby receives when the mother is smoking is very severe. 

Oregano Leaf
Oregano Leaf

The Benefits Of Smoking Oregano

In this article you have already learned about all the harms that smoking oregano can bring, but let’s talk a little bit about the positives as well. Because there are quite a few in fact. 

The main one being that smoking herbal cigarettes is a great way of letting go of a cigarette habit. The health risks of these herbal cigarettes are significantly lower, making them a much better option if you have a smoking addiction.

There hasn’t been any concrete research on the topic of smoking herbs just yet, but it seems they can help with reducing anxiety and stress. The same goes for smoking oregano. It has even been noted that it can help with sleep issues. Lighting an oregano cigarette before going to bed can help you relax and perhaps make you fall asleep more quickly.

Consuming oregano in teas or in a raw form in food makes your body able to get a lot of antioxidants. These same nutrients seem to be present when smoking the herb as well. But as a final note, eating or drinking a herb will always be the absolute best way of getting all the possible nutrients the plant has.


The oregano herb is a great option for smoking if you are a person who is struggling with quitting cigarettes. The use of herbal cigarettes is not only to get some of the benefits the herbs are providing, but also to get rid of tobacco addictions. 

The act of smoking cigarettes is the same. They will both help you relax more and reduce anxiety and stress. But the herbal cigarettes are a much better option as they won’t contain the harmful chemicals present in the mainstream cigarette brands.

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The Possibility Of Smoking Willow Bark

tree, weeping willow, branches-4903768.jpg

White WillowSmoking Willow BarkRisksEffectsUsing Red WillowGetting HighConclusion

What Is White Willow Bark

Willow bark is what is growing around the willow tree. It has for a very long time been cultivated both for the medicinal uses it contains but also the beauty of the tree. It’s generally referred to as a relatively hardy tree, making it easy to keep around.

The practice of using willow bark for smoking has been around for quite some time, although the scale of doing this is still quite small. The willow family has several prominent different varieties, all with their own unique flavor and characteristics when used for smoking.

The most popular variety being the white willow. But there are also black, crack and purple willow trees out there, not grown at the same scale however. The wide use for willow bark for medicinal uses is because the bark contains something called salicin, which is a chemical. This has similar properties and effects to aspirin. It gives relief when you have either pain or a fever.

There are many different smokable herbs out there, here we list some of best ones, 10 Smokable Herbs With Great Benefits.

Willow Bark
Willow Bark

Smoking Willow Bark And The Benefits

Smoking the willow bark is meant to activate these chemicals, such as salicin. The willow bark needs to be broken down into smaller pieces so you can roll the cigarette filled properly.

Some of the benefits of smoking willow bark will be back pain relief, osteoarthritis, fever, flu and even muscle pains. Using the willow bark in the way of smoking is not the most common, but it does get the job done.

Some of the more specialty things the willow bark can help with is lower back pain. You will see a greater effect the large amount you are taking. But the effect might not be as immediate as you would have hoped. It can sometimes take up to a week even.

We should also mention that whenever you are igniting something and inhaling smoke, you are also inhaling carbon monoxide. That is what is increasing the risk for cancer. Small particles in the smoke will get stuck in your lungs and eventually cause respiratory issues.

The Risks Of Willow Bark

There are risks that come with inhaling willow bark when either smoking it or making tea from it. The bark contains salicin, which basically is aspirin. So we strongly recommend that you talk to a professional before using this.

There is a risk the willow bark can interact negatively with other medicines if you are taking some. But it can also risk setting your body up in a bad state if you are going in for an operation or something similar.

Effects Of Willow Bark Smoking

Apart from helping with back pain and in general pain relief, smoking willow bark can also help with other things. The willow bark, be that from the white or red variety, has long been made into teas. This tea has then been used to help with headaches and migraines.

If you have a cough or fever then willow bark tea can be a great option. But since herbal cigarettes are becoming more and more popular these days then including some willow bark in there might be a good idea.

It has even been reported that smoking or making tea from willow bark has helped with nausea. It can help relieve some of the uncomfortable feeling. But a really interesting thing which the bark can help with is for eye and ear infections. A home remedy is to chew some of the bark in order to speed up the recovery process, note that there hasn’t been any concrete research proving this theory.

Smoking And Using Red Willow Bark

Using red willow bark or white willow bark all comes down to the same thing more or less. You will need the bark and then start to pick it down into smaller pieces. You will then roll this dried bark into a roll, preferable with other dried herbs or plants.

Smoking and only using the bark will help you with pain relief, but getting some of the benefits that smoking other plants has is also very good. Like sage for instance, smoking this plant will help with getting rid of anxiety and calming your nerves.

Willow Tree
Willow Tree

Will Smoking Willow Bark Get You High

You will not be getting high from smoking willow bark. Unfortunately perhaps, but the bark does not contain any psychoactive properties which gets activated when igniting it. 

But it does have a similar effect to aspirin, which in high doses can have a very numbing effect on the body. But in the case of smoking willow bark, you are not very likely to get to the necessary amount to start getting that feeling.

Conclusion And Summary

The conclusion for smoking willow bark should be that it certainly has some really beneficial properties that can be helpful. It has often been reported that smoking or making tea from willow bark. This can help with pain relief. 

The willow bark actually contains a chemical that’s called salicin. This has a similar effect to aspirin. So if you are ever getting a headache or a fever, then finding some willow bark and making some tea or rolling a cigarette might be the perfect remedy.

But as with smoking anything then you are introducing carbon monoxide into your body. This is something which can greatly increase the risk of getting cancer. But the small particles in the smoke will scratch and harm your lungs and eventually cause respiratory issues.

Willow bark together with tea in the purpose of smoking is actually quite the match. They play pretty well together flavourwise.

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