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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing aerial roots on your ficus bonsai tree. This can be an issue that occurs when the soil in which it’s growing is not that rich in nutrition or water.

The roots will begin growing in an unordinary way which causes these aerial roots after a while. Thankfully there is a rather easy fix to this issue. The tree simply needs more water but also some fertilizers that will boost the nutritional content in the soil.

Follow along and we will discuss further caring for and growing a ficus tree. It’s a great option for those beginner gardeners looking to have a semi-small tree growing at home. It’s easy to care for, and any issues will show up pretty quickly.

Ficus Tree Growing Outdoors

Ficus Aerial Roots Bonsai

Like we mentioned here already is that the ficus tree will have these aerial roots when the soil is not rich enough in nutrients and water. The roots will start getting stressed by this and causing them to grow in a weird way.

You might wonder then what the ideal condition of the soil is so you have a happily growing ficus tree. In terms of watering try not to water more than letting the soil be damp. That will help keep it in moderation and not run the risk of overwatering the roots.

If you are starting out with gardening then it might be a good idea to just water a small amount at a time to avoid adding too much. Small amounts every day seem to be the best. Instead of the water content being like a roller coaster then it will be more balanced.

We also mentioned that the soil is lacking nutrition. So in order for the plant to grow in proper way, we should add some fertilizers to the soil to help support the tree. This shouldn’t be done too often though because the tree will quickly start wilting. Try to do it only about every 1 or 2 months, to keep it more moderate.

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How To Shape A Ficus Bonsai

Shaping a ficus tree is pretty easy. We try not to cut off more than about 1/4 of the planet at a time. This way the ficus tree will still have enough nutrition and structure left to continue growing and flourishing.

Since we are growing the ficus tree like a bonsai tree, we will pretty early on start trimming it and shaping it. We recommend using some metal string to shape the tree into what we want. It won’t harm the tree too much or cause infections.

Since the leaves will be pretty large too, we need to take that into account when shaping the tree. We like to have one main stem and then 2 or 3 branches going from that one. This will help keep a great look to the plant, but it also highlights the leaves in a better way.

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Large Ficus Tree In The Garden

Ficus Microcarpa Aerial Roots

Aerial roots are like we have discussed an issue that occurs when the plant is not having enough nutrients and water in the soil. This issue can be rather common among beginners as they are trying to learn the ins and outs of gardening.

Try to keep the soil slightly damp all the time but also don’t be afraid of using some fertilizers about every 1 or 2 months. This will create a good balance but also support the plant so it can continue to flourish and grow.

Ficus Tree Leaves In The Sun