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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the taste of a cactus plant. We might as well begin by saying that it might not be the most pleasant taste out there. The plant often gets a reputation for being very sour and that’s very true.

Biting into the flesh of a cactus pad will almost have you squint like biting into a lemon. The cactus plant is not really meant to be eaten, at least not by humans. But there is the possibility of having the cactus taste a lot better.

Here we will be discussing the best way to keep a cactus plant to make sure you have a thriving one at home that will also taste very great, follow along!

Cactus Plant Growing Inside

How Does Cactus Taste

Just like we said at the beginning of the article here, the cactus plant is not really a pleasant thing to eat, at least not the ones growing in the wild. They aren’t exactly poisonous but the nutrients they bring are pretty slim. But note that there are some houseplants such as cacti that will be poisonous, so don’t try every one you get your hands on.

The one we are talking about will be growing wild and have some pretty large pads growing from it. These are generally the tastiest part of the entire plant. They will have a very sour flavor when they are growing wild. 

The plant has a harder time surviving and that will usually be shown in the flavor being very intense, in this towards the sour end of the spectrum. But when done right, the pads will be like biting into a green asparagus or green vegetables in general for that matter.

Some cactus plants that have been growing in a spot where water is not an issue will have the flavor slightly dulled and the acidity will not be as sharp anymore. Here the cactus might even taste more like green beans even.

So all in all we can see that the flavor of the cactus is usually very sour and goes the green vegetable way in terms of flavor. But to have something that’s pretty edible the plant will have to grow in a spot where it can have a lot of water during the year. But it’s a balancing act as too much will cause the roots to rot.

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Edible Cactus Plant

Is Cactus Good To Eat

Although we have already said that eating cacti is not very common and because of the immense acidity found in some they are not meant for human consumption. The fact is that this applies to the wild ones.

The cactus plants that are grown commercially will actually be pretty good for us. But getting your hands on some will be very difficult. The flavor is a lot nicer and the plant actually becomes somewhat edible with flavors of green asparagus and beans.

The impact the cactus will have on the body comes in the shape of reduced body fat and lowered blood pressure. It can even reduce the cholesterol level in the body. This can be life-changing and life-saving things for some people.

But note that it should of course be consumed in smaller amounts as too much will impact the body in a negative way. Like most things, eating too much will instead start to harm you.

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Flowering Cactus Plant

Does Cactus Taste Like Chicken

Unfortunately, the flavor of a cactus will not be anywhere close to that of a chicken. At Least from the experience we have had eating cacti. It will instead be a lot more like a green vegetable. Think asparagus and beans.

It would be very surprised if something like a cactus would taste like chicken. If that were the case then there would probably be a lot more consumption of cacti in our society.

Cactus Plant Growing Indoors