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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how much water your strawberry plant will actually need. The berry plant is one of the most widely cultivated ones in the entire world. In the US for example, California has made a huge industry out of cultivating this berry.

The strawberry plant will need water almost every day during the warm summer season. Water it until the soil is damp on the top. That indicates to us that the plant has gotten enough water around the roots that it will be happy.

Follow along in this article though and we will talk more in-depth about the topic of watering strawberry plants. We will cover some of the effects underwatering and overwatering have on the plant.

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How Much Water Do Strawberries Need A Day

As we said at the beginning of the article here, strawberry plants will need water almost every day in the summer season. The summer season brings much warmer temperatures so the soil will start to dry out quickly.

We strive for the soil to be slightly damp all the time. That seems to be the best possible condition for the roots to grow in. The roots will start having issues if there is too much water in there. 

Too much water makes the roots have a hard time getting any oxygen. The excess of water in the soil blocks out the oxygen and causes the roots to drown. If the roots are drowning they are no longer taking up any nutrition and passing that onto the rest of the plant.

The result of a strawberry plant that has too much water is leaves that are starting to turn black. That is a direct result of the roots starting to drown underneath the soil.

If we go the other way instead and look at the result of too little water then the leaves will start drying out instead. The same goes for the roots. They are starting to dry out as there is a lack of water. With time that will result in the plant drying out and dying completely.

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How Often Do I Water My Strawberries

There isn’t really a set amount of days or time between the watering of the plant. Sometimes it might not need to be watered for a while. Having a look at the soil is the most important

The plant will grow and feel the best if the soil is kept slightly damp all the time. That way the plant will have enough nutrients to continuously grow and expand. But there is a risk of overwatering like we talked about above here.

You shouldn’t worry though, the strawberry plant is a pretty hardy plant and can manage times of being slightly overwater or slightly underwater too. So you shouldn’t worry too much in all honesty.

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How Much Water Does A Strawberry Need

All in all, strawberries won’t require a massive amount of water. They use rather small amounts to grow and live on. Trying to keep the soil slightly damp all the time has been proven to be the best condition to keep the plant in.

But on average a strawberry plant will drain 1 – 2 inches of water every day. During the warm summer season, this number might go up a little bit more even.

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