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Coriander is one of the most commonly used herbs in the kitchen. In the US it might be known as cilantro however. So coriander and cilantro are in fact the same herb, just different names for the same thing. 

It’s a nice aromatic herb that grows in a number of different climates and environments. The seeds are perhaps a little underappreciated by most people, they are a hassle to harvest but provide a lovely flavor and aroma to whatever you are cooking. Below we share some of our tips and tricks for harvesting them.

Coriander Plant
Coriander Plant

What Is Coriander

Coriander is a very common herb that is found in a lot of households. It’s one of those herbs that you either really love or not at all. About 10 % of the population has a genetic thing against this herb, making it taste like soap to them, quite interesting really.

But the plant itself will prefer to grow in a soil that is kept well watered and where water also drains away very easily. This will help protect the roots from starting rot very easily. As for picking a spot for the plant, try and find a very sunny spot. This will help the plant quite a lot. When you are growing coriander it really is about the balance between getting enough sunlight and also keeping the soil in a good condition.

How To Harvest Coriander Seeds

Let’s get started about the reason you even clicked on this article, actually harvesting the seeds. This is actually really easy, you just need to wait. As with most seeds on plants they will have a stage where they are green and fresh. But after a while they will begin drying up and turning either brown, gray or black, depending on the herb or plant you have.

As for coriander they will be slightly brown in color. At this point they are ready to be picked if they haven’t already fallen off the plant and landed on the soil. 

Gather the seeds and store them in a dry place. They will keep very well for many months, but planting them as soon as possible is recommended. Do this indoors then of course since outside it might be too cold for the plant.

To ensure you even have seeds developing on your plant you need to let the coriander flower and get pollinated. For this to happen you should keep it outdoors so bees can get in contact with it.

How To Dry And Store Coriander Seeds

It’s very easy to harvest the coriander, like we talked about above here. After you have gathered some you can lay them on dry paper and let them air dry in the kitchen for example. It might take a few days but afterwards they are ready to be stored for the long term.

After drying them, keep them in an air-tight container. They will store for years like this and are a great addition to anything spicy you might be cooking up at home.

How To Plant Coriander Seeds

If you want to plant the seeds instead then you can do so also. But we recommend you try to do this rather quickly after harvesting them. That’s because it will be more likely the seeds are beginning to root and develop then.

Place them in soil which has been well watered beforehand. They only need to be half an inch or so beneath the soil for it to start growing. Keep in a warm spot. have an eye on the soil so it’s never drying out. Try to keep it slightly damp all the time to promote the seed to sprout.

Coriander Seeds
Coriander Seeds

Drying Green Coriander Seeds

If you want to use the coriander seeds while they are still green and full of aroma then harvesting and drying them is really the only option here. 

Pick them when they are large and firm to the touch. Then lay them flat on a tray and dry them in the oven at a very low temperature. It might take many hours, but we do this to preserve them for the long term. They will store very well for at least 6 months before they might begin to shift in flavor.


What To Do With Green Coriander Seeds

One of our favorite things to do with green coriander seeds is to use them in salsa. They add a very strong coriander flavor to the salsa but a very pleasant one. You could also add them to a pesto aswell to take it to the next level.

Can You Plant Green Coriander Seeds

You can’t plant green coriander seeds and expect them to start and sprout. For the greatest success you should instead try and harvest them after they have dried out by themselves on the plant. These are ready to be planted and grown into new plants.

Dry Coriander Seeds Benefits

Coriander is very rich in antioxidants and the same is for the seeds of the plant. They are a great addition to your diet. Antioxidants are very important for helping the body make it easier getting rid of or preventing inflammations like fevers and headaches.

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