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Welcome to this article that will be talking about what you can be doing when a monstera plant is starting to get sunburnt. This is something that will normally happen when there is too high of a temperature and too much sun on the plant.

This most commonly occurs during the summers when the plant is kept outside all day in a garden. Given these risks, it’s important that we don’t just leave it instead we need to occasionally check on it. When the leaves of a monstera plant become very sunburnt then they might have to be removed in order for the plant to survive.

Follow along in this article here and we will learn even more about this amazing houseplant. It’s one of the best ones for beginners to start out with as the maintenance is actually very low compared to the decoration and beauty it brings.

Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

Monstera Sunburn

Just like we said at the beginning of the article here, the monster plant is one of the better ones to grow at home if you are a beginner, but one of the things that people might forget is that it is very susceptible to high temperatures.

The plant does not do very well if the sun is constantly shining on it and the temperatures are very high. If these conditions keep going then the plant will simply start to wilt and you will see that firstly on the leaves.

They will start to be wrinkled and discolored. This will greatly affect the ability of the plant to perform photosynthesis. That is something that happens in the leaves of the plant. As they collect sunlight they are transforming that into energy to further be able to grow.

But as they are burnt by the sun, they are becoming dried up and the plant will abandon the leaves. The dead leaves on a plant are obviously not able to perform photosynthesis. As you might notice, this can have sort of a snowball effect on the health of the plant.

What can you then do when the plant is becoming increasingly burnt by too high of a temperature? Well, the first thing is really to just remove these leaves and place the entire plant in a spot where the temperature is moderate and the sun ain’t shining as much. That will hopefully be enough to give some breathing room for the plant in order to recoup and regenerate the loss of leaves it might have had.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

Black Spots Monstera

If there are black spots that are starting to appear on your monstera plant then the likelihood is the roots are rotting. In most cases, for all plants, that’s a clear sign something is very wrong.

It will usually only happen when the soil is very overwatered and the roots are starting to drown. We, therefore, need to act quickly in order to hopefully save the planet.

We recommend placing it in a very sunny spot so that the soil might dry out a bit more. When there is too much water, oxygen is able to pass through to the roots. That then makes it very difficult for them to survive and continue growing.

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Monstera Leaves In The Sun

Brown Spots Monstera

When there are brown spots on a monstera the temperature has probably dropped low enough to stress and harm the plant. In most cases that will be the issue. The monster really likes when the temperatures are stable and not changing.

But it could also be the work of a disease of some sort taking a hold of the plant and causing these outbursts in color difference.

Monstera Plant Growing In A Small Pot