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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you could treat a peperomia plant that has been overwatered. Any plant that is currently being overwatered will have a hard time continuing to grow and flourish. 

So treating it the best you can while this is happening will be very important to know. We don’t want to start over again on square 1 by buying a new plant and hoping this time it will go better.

Follow along in this article and we will share our expertise about growing this wonderful houseplant. Not only is it one of the easier plants to get started with, but it also has a great use for ornamental use. It can be rather self-sustained and manage times without water.

Peperomia Leaves In The Sunlight

Overwatered Peperomia

Like we already said at the beginning of the article, the peperomia plant can be susceptible to being overwatered. Like any plant, too much water in the soil will be very harmful to the future growth of the plant.

When there is too much water in the soil, the plant will have a rough time getting oxygen. The water blocks it out and there won’t be any circulation in the soil. That creates a hard environment for the plant to continue to grow in.

The excess of water also makes the plant’s roots start to rot. This process can start happening pretty quickly as it gets left unchecked. Because of that, we need to be able to identify the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

When the soil looks like a slushie then there is way too much water in the soil. The best solution to this will be to place the plant in the sunniest spot you can find. This will hopefully dry out the soil before any of the roots starts to rot.

But with all things in gardening, it’s about moderation. So to completely avoid this from happening again we need to be more careful about watering the soil. The ideal texture and condition will be to just keep it damp. 

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Small Peperomia Plant In The Sun

How Often To Water Peperomia

You don’t really need to water a peperomia plant that often. The plant can manage periods without any water quite well actually. So it’s almost better to just leave the plant in slightly drier soil instead of risking overwatering it.

The signs of soil that are too dry however is that the leaves will start to turn brown and wilt. This process will continue going on until there is enough water in the soil and the plant does not have to stress anymore. 

When there is too much water, however, the plant will instead have the leaves start to turn black. That indicates the root system is starting to rot, which can of course be deadly to the plant.

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Peperomia Plant In The Garden

Peperomia Dying After Repotting

If your peperomia plant is starting to die after being repotted, then you need to identify the issue pretty quickly. Could it perhaps be because the soil which the plant was repotted into was too watered?

If the soil is too well watered then it can cause a lot of stress on the roots. It can cause them not to get enough oxygen. This shows up as the leaves turn black in color or even brown. 

Peperomia Plant In A Pot