Smoking Oregano And The Effects Of It

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Smoking oregano might be one of the more new forms of enjoying culinary herbs in cigarettes. The use of these herbal cigarettes has proven to be a great way of slowly getting rid of a nasty tobacco addiction. 

There are no additives or chemicals or tobacco in these herbal cigarettes, making them a much healthier option. They will still make you inhale carbon monoxide however. Smoking solely oregano isn’t really that common. These herbal blends are often a mix of several different ones. For example basil, sage and mint or common blending partners.

The flavor of oregano is slightly minty, much because it’s in the same family as mint. But it will have a slightly cooling effect too, along with a herbal aroma similar to basil.

Oregano Plant
Oregano Plants

What Is Oregano

Oregano is a culinary herb that is used a lot in cooking. The herb is in the same family as the mint, but the flavor of the two are pretty different. The oregano has a more savory flavor and use in the kitchen. Mint often leans more towards sweeter dishes.

There is a large amount of different oregano varieties out there, but they all grow pretty much the same way. They will require very dry soil and plenty of sunlight. This is the magical combination that creates the flavor concentration the herb is known for. 

The herb is of great use when you want to get rid of contaminations. Oregano contains thymol and carvacrol which are phytonutrients. These are great when fighting steph. The plant is also rich in antibacterial and cancer preventive properties. 

For a maximized diet you should know that oregano also has plenty of Vitamin K, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin E and even tryptophan. A fun fact about the oregano is that the plant actually gets its flavor from these cancer preventive agencies like thymol, carvacrol, limonene and ocimene.

Using The Oregano Leaf

As with almost all the different culinary herbs out there, the oregano will need to be dried in order to be used for smoking. Lighting a fresh leaf won’t do much for you.

Instead you should take the leaves and slowly dry them until they are crispy. Then you can start by making your herbal blend for the cigarette. You can of course only use oregano if you wish, but pairing it with either sage or basil is a great way to introduce more flavor and benefits.

How Do You Smoke Oregano

The best way of enjoying the oregano when used for smoking is rolling it up in rolling paper, like you would with any cigarette. You can mix it with other wonderful culinary herbs that have also been dried.

After rolling it you can light one end and then start puffing and inhaling the smoke. The flavor will be slightly minty and cooling, since the oregano is apart of the mint family. You might experience a euphoric feeling too paired with reduced anxiety and stress. Smoking oregano is a great way to relax.

The Risks Of Smoking Oregano

There is like anything you smoke a risk that you are taking in too much carbon monoxide into your body. This is what increases the risk for lung cancer and mouth cancer too. But there is a significantly lower risk of you getting very sick or ill from smoking herbal cigarettes compared to regular tobacco cigarettes. The reason being that these are rarely filled with chemicals and harmful additives, which are however common in the more mainstream cigarette brands.

The benefits of switching over to herbal cigarettes where you are smoking oregano instead of tobacco is plenty. It’s often that the act of lighting a cigarette and then inhaling the smoke is addictive, but you are doing the same process with these cigarettes too. 

There hasn’t been enough research yet to confirm whether the same properties that are within the herb gets activated when igniting it as compared to eating it either raw or in a tea. But it would seem weird that any of these nutrients would get completely lost all together.

Oregano Sprigs
Oregano Sprigs

Can Smoking Oregano Kill You

It is very unlikely that you will die from smoking oregano. But like smoking anything you are inhaling toxic fumes that pass through your lungs. These fumes contain small particles which will eventually start making an impact.

The risk of both lung cancer and mouth cancer are significantly higher when smoking anything. But you also run the risk of having respiratory issues as the smoke sort of builds up in your lungs.

Will Smoking Oregano Get You High

Smoking oregano will most likely not be able to make you high. Instead the benefits of smoking this herb is more for calming the nerves and giving you peace of mind. It’s well known that tea from oregano is beneficial to reduce anxiety and stress. The same seems to go when smoking the oregano instead.

It can provide a small euphoric feeling when smoked and in very large quantities can give you hallucinations. At that point however, you have likely gone way too far and the benefits of smoking smaller amounts have been cast out the window. It is important to know that the smoke is dangerous for us when inhaling too much. 

Avoid smoking oregano if you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding. Almost goes without saying, but the negatives that a baby receives when the mother is smoking is very severe. 

Oregano Leaf
Oregano Leaf

The Benefits Of Smoking Oregano

In this article you have already learned about all the harms that smoking oregano can bring, but let’s talk a little bit about the positives as well. Because there are quite a few in fact. 

The main one being that smoking herbal cigarettes is a great way of letting go of a cigarette habit. The health risks of these herbal cigarettes are significantly lower, making them a much better option if you have a smoking addiction.

There hasn’t been any concrete research on the topic of smoking herbs just yet, but it seems they can help with reducing anxiety and stress. The same goes for smoking oregano. It has even been noted that it can help with sleep issues. Lighting an oregano cigarette before going to bed can help you relax and perhaps make you fall asleep more quickly.

Consuming oregano in teas or in a raw form in food makes your body able to get a lot of antioxidants. These same nutrients seem to be present when smoking the herb as well. But as a final note, eating or drinking a herb will always be the absolute best way of getting all the possible nutrients the plant has.


The oregano herb is a great option for smoking if you are a person who is struggling with quitting cigarettes. The use of herbal cigarettes is not only to get some of the benefits the herbs are providing, but also to get rid of tobacco addictions. 

The act of smoking cigarettes is the same. They will both help you relax more and reduce anxiety and stress. But the herbal cigarettes are a much better option as they won’t contain the harmful chemicals present in the mainstream cigarette brands.

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