10 Great Benefits To Drinking Cilantro Tea

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Cilantro has been used for centuries in cooking and medicinal purposes. The highly aromatic and flavorful herb is a great addition to any garden at home. It’s not all for nothing that this is such a valued herb. It’s rich in a lot of important nutrients like Vitamin K and antioxidants. 

It’s easy to grow it and will provide you with plenty of harvest throughout the year if you grow it indoors. One of the best ways of enjoying this herb is by making tea from it. This makes for a very flavorful and aromatic beverage, filled with all the benefits of the cilantro. Below are some of our favorite benefits to drinking this.

10 Great Benefits To Drinking Cilantro Tea

Vitamin K

Vitamin K can be found in a number of different herbs and plants. But in cilantro it’s very concentrated. This means it’s easier to get your daily needs with a fairly small amount. Just 2 teaspoons will provide you with over ⅓ of your daily needs. 

Vitamin K is what the body needs to perform proper blood clotting, but it also aids in making your bones stronger. It helps maintain the bones and reduces the risk that they will break as you get older.

Cilantro Leaves
Cilantro Leaves


Quercetin is getting quite a lot of attention in recent times. It’s being researched that this property can help the body be able to not get sick as much, basically protecting the body against disease.

This nutrient is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It makes the body healthier and it is believed it can help high performance athletes and military personnel. Drinking cilantro tea about 2 – 3 times a week will be plenty enough to get these benefits.

Diabetes Management

Cilantro can actually help people with diabetes. There are properties in the herb that will make the body basically use up more of the sugar in the body and convert that into energy instead. 

This lowers the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of high blood sugar levels for diabetic people. It can also help with the blood pressure in turn, lowering it at reducing the risk for heart disease too.


There has been testing with animals that eating cilantro can help detox the body from harmful heavy metals. It basically rids the body from these by binding them in the bloodstream and making it easier for them to go out.

This will in the long term reduce the risk for disease and sickness. It should be mentioned that there is yet to be any concrete research published yet on this for humans.

No More Heavy Metals

If you read the part above here then you would know that cilantro could potentially help rid the body of heavy metals. Metals like arsenic, lead and mercury can stay in the tissue in the body and greatly increase the risk of heart disease. 

What the cilantro basically does is help bind these metals together, making them start loosening up and releasing from the tissue. The body can now isolate these metals and rid them from the body. 

Reduces Anxiety

Prolonged and continued stress is related to a number of different serious diseases. It could affect the heart or the brain. In short, too much stress for too long will leave long term effects. 

The quercetin in the body helps protect it against oxidative stress. The high concentration of antioxidants in cilantro helps with defeating and reducing the level of free radicals in the body. Those are the culprit for inflammation and stress. Drinking cilantro tea and making that a habit seems to be able to create some serious long term benefits.

Cilantro Plant
Cilantro Plant

Heart Health

It’s been researched that cilantro can actually help the body reduce cholesterol levels. This means that the risk for heart disease is not as common anymore. Some cardioprotective nutrients in cilantro can also help prevent oxidative damage to the body. That is specifically associated with some heart related diseases.

The amount of cilantro you need to consume for this to be affected is still being disputed, but drinking tea made from about 2 – 3 times a week might be the magic amount.

Protects Against Food Poisoning

Drinking cilantro tea seems to not only be effective against reducing the risk for heart disease, it can also help detox the body and reduce the risk of food poisoning. The antibacterial properties of the herb will make it less likely to harm your body.

Food or waterborne disease will not get a grip of your body as it has a good enough protection against these things now. A fun fact is that just 2 teaspoons a day of cilantro seems to have a significant impact on the body this way.

Skin Irritation

Cilantro has not only been used in food, it’s also been used for medicinal purposes. Nowadays it can be quite common to find it in some skin care products. Applying it will help soothe the effects of some allergic reactions.

If you get stung by nettles for example, applying cilantro can help mitigate the pain and reduce the skin irritation. It can even help against sunburns. The antioxidants in the herb is what makes this all possible.

Protects Against Colon Cancer

Since cilantro is able to help the body lower cholesterol levels, this also means it’s possible for it to reduce the risk of colon cancer. There is still research to be done on this topic as the amount you need to consume hasn’t really been decided.

But drinking cilantro tea on a pretty regular basis will definitely start whosing results. We try to do it about 2 – 3 times a week. So not an exaggerated amount, but enough that we feel it has an effect.

Cilantro Plant
Cilantro Plant

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cilantro Make You Sleepy

Cilantro seems to help people have an easier time falling asleep. What we often do is make tea from the plant and let it steep for a few minutes. Drinking this before going to bed will make for a very pleasant sleep. But we haven’t noticed any more sleepiness during the day if we eat the herb.

What Healing Properties Does Cilantro Have

Cilantro contains a lot of antioxidants. This helps the body be protected against diseases and sickness. The risk of headaches and fevers are greatly reduced because of this. 

It helps lower the blood sugar level in the body but also the blood pressure by keeping the cholesterol at a reasonable level. In the long term these are some really great benefits.

Cilantro Tea Side Effects

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of side effects with drinking tea made from cilantro. The herb is a very nutritional plant. But the obvious side effect would be if you are allergic to cilantro without knowing. It’s not completely uncommon to do this, so perhaps doing a test beforehand would be a good idea.

Summary And Conclusion

The cilantro plant is really a superfood. The plant is rich in Vitamin K and more importantly antioxidants. This has long term effects on the body. It reduces the risk for heart disease and improves the body’s cognitive ability. 

A good intake of cilantro will provide you with long term effects. The bones in your body will be stronger from the vitamin, but you will most likely experience less headaches and colds too. Drinking cilantro tea about 2 – 3 times each week seems to be a good amount for getting all these health benefits.

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Cilantro Tea – How To Make This Refreshing Drink

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Cilantro tea is a great option if you want to enjoy some of that havrest you have at home. It’s refreshing and very aromatic, the perfect summer drink really. Since the cilantro plant will grow pretty quickly, I will never not be able to make this tea from the fresh leaves.

It’s rich in nutrients and some very interesting properties that make cilantro a great introduction to your diet. With antioxidants and vitamins, it really is a superfood. The tea is simply made by steeping the fresh leaves in warm water for a few minutes. It will release all the nutrients and leave you with a powerful tea to drink.

What Is Cilantro

Cilantro is a pretty common herb that is grown by a lot of people. It’s one of those herbs that you either like or don’t like. Some people actually have a genetic thing that cilantro more or less tastes like soap, but it’s for a small subset of people this applies to.

It’s been used for many many years and provides a very aromatic option to your food. It will taste the best when it’s still fresh. Unlike thyme or rosemary for example, the quality and flavor of cilantro really goes down when it’s dried instead.

Growing the cilantro is very easy. It likes areas where there is a lot of sun during the day. But the soil should be pretty well watered all the time to help support the plant during the summer. Make sure the soil is well draining too, meaning that you shouldn’t see any water pool at the top of the soil.

Cilantro Plant
Cilantro Plant

Making Your Own Cilantro Tea

Actually making the tea is very easy. Like we mentioned previously, the best type of cilantro will be fresh ones. The dried cilantro really doesn’t taste that much, instead we find it much more rewarding harvesting your own and making tea from that.

Let’s look at the steps we take to making cilantro tea:

  • Pick about 2 – 3 large sprigs of cilantro
  • Boil about 2 cups of water
  • Pour the water of the cilantro and let it steep for about 2 – 3 minutes
  • Strain it and add a small amount of honey if you wish to have some sweetness

This will produce a very nice and fragrant tea for you. But we want to stress the fact that it should be consumed while still warm. It will taste much better, but the nutrition in the tea will be richer like this. Waiting for it to cool down will instead let some of the beneficial properties go away, at that point you might as well just drink water instead.

Pairing Cilantro With Other Herbs

Cilantro is a very aromatic herb that goes very well with other plants too. It wont take over and will instead just leave a more aromatic and flavorful tea if combined. Some of our favorites to pair with are thyme and basil. 

Neither of those will take over the flavor profile, instead just make a very well balanced tea. We like to divide cilantro, thyme and basil equally when making the tea, one third of each. The recipe we use is the same as the regular one, steeping the herbs in warm water for a few minutes and then straining it.

The Health Benefits Of Cilantro Tea

We mentioned in the beginning that cilantro is actually very rich in nutrients, some of these being vitamins, but especially antioxidants. These antioxidants are very important to have in the diet, it protects the body against the risk of future sickness, like colds or fevers. 

Antioxidants are meant to help mitigate “free radicals” which causes inflammation (headaches, joint pain). This makes it very valuable to have. Luckily you will get more than enough of the dose if you drink cilantro tea about 2 – 3 times a week.

Cilantro Leaves
Cilantro Leaves

Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes Management

It’s been researched that cilantro can actually help with diabetes. There are properties in the cilantro that get released when we eat it that helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level. So drinking tea made from cilantro can actually protect you against heart diseases too. 

It helps reduce cholesterol. The leaves rich in antioxidants are great for protecting the body against future sickness like colds and fever. It should be mentioned that there is still research to be made around this topic, but going off what other people are reporting then cilantro tea seems like a great option.

Helps With Weight Loss

Cilantro tea can actually help with weight loss. It’s pretty interesting really, the cilantro can help with maintaining a lower blood sugar level. It makes the body consume more sugar and converts that into energy. It basically lowers the spare sugars in the body and makes the most of them.

A boosted metabolism is more or less what it does. This will long term make it easier to shed some weight if that’s a goal of yours.

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