Are Eggshells Good For Tomato Plants

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There are many different benefits of using eggshells for the soil where are plant is growing. But the impact will be different depending on what you are growing. Could eggshells really benefit tomato plants in terms of growth and health?

Below we will talk about the impact that eggshells will have on your tomatoes. The addition of calcium will help boost the help of your plant as the element is a vital nutrient. It improves the health and defensive system against disease and pests.

Tomato Plant
Tomato Plant

The Benefits Of Eggshells In The Soil

Like we mentioned before, the addition of eggshells to the soil is calcium. For a lot of plants calcium is a very important nutrient to get as it will help boost the natural defense system that it has. It reduces the risk that any disease and pests might get a hold of the plant. In the long term, adding eggshells every now and again will provide some very good benefits.

Are Eggshells Good For Tomato Plants

Tomato plants have a lot of different requirements to it, all from the light exposure and the amount of water it gets. But looking at the soil we need one where there is calcium present. This will greatly help the plant grow and be more robust.

So adding eggshells to the soil will help make it easier for the tomato plant to get this calcium. In a calcium fatigued soil you might start seeing plants be more frail and more likely to fall over on themselves.

How Should You Add Eggshells To The Soil

Simply adding whole eggshells is not the most efficient way of getting the nutrients in there. Instead you should try to mix the shells into an almost powder-like texture.

Mixing these eggshells with some soil and then into the soil will be much more efficient. The eggshells will decompose a lot quicker and the roots can start taking them up earlier. You will be able to see the impact it has a lot faster too.


Using Eggshells As Fertilizer

Eggshells doesn’t really have the same effect as fertilizers would have to the soil. It’s more used as a medicine of sorts for the plants to increase the defense system. Calcium seems to be a vital element most plants will want to take up and help with mitigating pests and the likes.

Don’t use too many eggshells as you can saturate the soil and cause harm instead. Never replace fertilizers with eggshells either. The nutrition in fertilizers can’t all be found in eggshells. They both have their own benefits.

Making Eggshell Tea

Eggshell tea is a great way of adding a liquid boost to your soil the next time you water it. Mix the eggshells and then boil them in water. This will help bring out the calcium into the water. 

Adding this calcium rich water to the soil will help boost the health of your plants, not just your tomato plants. Don’t add too much, tomato plants like a soil which is just slightly damp and not too overwatered.

How Much Crushed Eggshells For Tomatoes

If you have used up a dozen eggs and saved the shells then that’s a pretty good amount to either mix or make tea from. Adding this to the soil about every other month or so will be more than enough to boost the tomato plant’s health.


What Is The Best Thing To Feed Tomato Plants

The best thing to feed tomato plants would be manure. This is extremely rich in nutrients and better than any fertilizers out there. It greatly boosts the health of tomatoes but can also be overused.

Do Tomato Plants Like Coffee Grounds Or Eggshells

In the case of coffee grounds vs eggshells then we prefer eggshells. Especially for tomato plants as calcium is a vital element for the tomato plant to get into its system.

Why Do You Put Eggshells Around Tomato Plants

The reason you are adding eggshells to tomato plants is to increase the level of eggshells in the soil. That helps the defensive system of the tomato plant. It reduces the likelihood of diseases and pests beginning to grow on it.

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