Smoking Rose Petals, The Benefits

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It seems like rose petals are starting to gain more and more traction as people are looking for substitutes to smoking tobacco. The many negatives that tobacco brings are being highlighted by the younger generations, so new possibilities are starting to open up right now more and more.

Rose petals being one of them. It might seem like smoking rose petals are just for finding a more expensive alternative, but rose petals are actually a very effective smokable herb.

The health benefits that rose petals are able to provide is a lot of the reason for the increase in popularity it has seen recently.

Rose Petals
Rose Petals

Can You Get High From Smoking Rose Petals

It hasn’t been researched yet whether rose petals are actually psychoactive. But it has been noted that people smoking rose petals can experience a slight euphoric feeling and rush when first smoking it.

This feeling won’t stay with you for that long though and instead of feeling a buzz or getting high from smoking rose petals you might see an uplift in your mood.

Smoking rose petals are even able to give you a relaxing feeling which further seems to highlight the antidepressant properties it could contain. These are some of the most prominent arguments for smoking and using rose petals as a substitute.

Health Benefits Of Smoking Rose Petals

The rose petals have been discovered to help with the digestive system. That’s when it’s being consumed like rose water. It helps settle bloating and calms an upset stomach.

But if you are consuming too much of this rose water you might instead start to experience it as a laxative instead. That’s when the dosage of rose petals has gone overboard.

Smoking rose petals hasn’t been reported to have these same effects on the body. Instead it is just like smoking and inhaling anything that has a negative effect on your lungs. The small particles that are present in the smoke will start scratching your lungs and with time you will have respiratory issues.

When using rose petals in a blend you might experience it to be a lot more intense then you might be used to instead. The flavor of the rose petals are really highlighted when used in a blend like this. Paired with things like passion flowers it will have an intense aroma too. If you are making your own blends then it might be worth trying smaller amounts of rose petals in there first.

What Can Rose Petals Help With

Rose water is pretty common in the Middle East and it has for many years been known to have really great beneficial effects to the body. Some of those effects are as following:

  • Increase in mood
  • It helps you have a nicer and not as dry skin
  • Drinking rose water will help if you have a very sore throat

It hasn’t been discovered yet whether smoking rose petals will have any healthy benefits. There are some when digested instead:

  • Rose petals has a high Vitamin C content, even after being dried and used in teas
  • The petals contains plenty of antioxidants that will help a sore throat pretty quickly
  • The smell and aroma that rose petals provide will boost your mood and even help you relax more easily
  • The antioxidants in there can even help cleanse your liver if you are having issues as such
  • Rose petals can even help with acne, which is why so many beauty products contain rose petals. It’s even antibacterial

It should be stated as well that smoking rose petals seems to be a great option to get off smoking cigarettes. The flavor and aroma of the petals are very appealing. Getting rid of a nicotine addiction can be very difficult, which is where herbal blends come in as they have proven to be a great option.

You will still be inhaling carbon monoxide, but instead you will avoid the many toxic chemicals which are found in cigarettes instead. There is also no nicotine in these too, which will make quitting smoking these very easy too.

Rose Petals
Rose Petals

Other Possible Uses For Rose Petals

If you are an avid user of cannabis then you might want to introduce some rose petals there. The sweet flavor the rose petals will provide will help improve your experience. 

It won’t increase the psychoactive effect but might help make it smoother and even more enjoyable. Note that it should be taken in small amounts as too much will instead create a rather unpleasant flavor.


Rose petals are starting to get more and more attention as a substitute for tobacco. The flavor of smoking the petals are very sweet but only when taken in smaller doses. Too much and you might instead experience an unpleasant and intense scent.

There are some nurturing effects that rose petals can provide when consumed as rose water. If it’s instead smoked, it hasn’t been reported yet if these same benefits are present. What can be stated is that smoking it will make you inhale toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, just like smoking regular cigarettes.

All in all it is still to be known whether rose petals are a suitable substitute for tobacco.

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