The Benefits Of Smoking Raspberry Leaf

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The raspberry plant might be more famous for the berries it produces. The sweet and fragrant raspberries have for centuries been eaten and used. But the leaves can also play a pretty important role. The leaves are fragrant and rich in aromas. Easy to harvest and roll into joints, it’s hard to see a better option than raspberry leaves for smoking.

What Are Raspberry Leaves

You have probably eaten raspberries before and know how delicious the flavor is. The leaves are also very delicious, for smoking that is. Eating the leaves is not something that has traditionally been done. Instead, smoking the leaves is the best way to get the flavor of them.

The raspberry leaves are also a seasonal product. They are at their absolute best at the beginning of the summer. This is shortly before the berries are getting ripe. At this point there is a lot of nutrition flowing through the plant and makes for very aromatic leaves.

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Raspberry Leaf
Raspberry Leaf

The Side Effects Of Smoking Raspberry Leaf

As with most smoking there are a lot of side effects. Whenever you are inhaling smoke you are getting something called carbon monoxide into your body. This can be really dangerous if you are getting too much. It’s well researched that carbon monoxide increases the risk for cancer and respiratory issues. 

but comparing smoking raspberry leaves to regular cigarettes for example, then these herbal cigarettes are so much better. They won’t contain the addictive nicotine or other harmful chemicals in them. You are still getting toxic fumes in your body, but the amount is a lot less. It’s also easier to stop smoking these cigarettes since there is no nicotine in them.

Can You Make A Herbal Blend With Raspberry Leaves

You can definitely make a herbal blend with raspberry leaves. These are a great option for people who want to have something fragrant and not very strong in their herbal cigarette blend. Using raspberry leaves is often done to fill out space. 

The flavor is slightly sweet but not nearly as strong as oregano or mugwort for example. This way we can better enjoy the flavors of those herbs as the raspberry leaves will help carry the flavor and round off any sharp edges around it. It makes for a more enjoyable smoke. Raspberry leaves are also pretty slowly burning and will help you enjoy the buzz for even longer.

Make sure that before you are starting to make your blend that the leaves are completely dried. This is the ideal texture and condition they should be in before being rolled into a joint. Smoking fresh leaves will instead just give you a very bitter flavor and aroma.

Is Smoking Raspberry Leaf Bad For You

Smoking anything has side effects and negatives that come with it. When you are inhaling smoke you are getting carbon monoxide into your body that will give you a higher risk for cancer. 

The small particles that are in the smoke will stay in your lungs and almost scratch the lungs. This will eventually start causing respiratory issues for you. Luckily there is not any nicotine in raspberry leaves so it’s often a lot easier to get rid of this addiction than regular cigarettes.

Raspberry Leaf
Raspberry Leaf

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Raspberry Leaves

Lets list the negatives about smoking raspberry leaves quickly and then we can get into some of the exciting positives about it. As with all things that involve inhaling smoke, you are putting your body in danger. Inhaling carbon monoxide will increase the risk of the following:

  • Higher risk for lung cancer and tongue cancer
  • Higher risk for respiratory issues, worse stamina and difficulty to focus

There are some pretty interesting positives to smoking raspberry leaves. The leaves are very rich in antioxidants which will help you stay healthier as it’s a very important compound our body needs. The leaves are also rich in potassium and Vitamin C and B. There still needs to be research around the topic of whether the body is able to take these nutrients in via smoke and fumes.

Let’s look at the positives then:

Induction Of Labour

Using raspberry leaves with other herbs are a great option to help with labor. The herbal blend is known to give a relaxing and calming feeling. It’s often used by nurses helping with labor and referred to as a “natural nicotine”.

Premenstrual Symptoms

When you are digestive and getting the nutrition of raspberry leaves the right way then it can help the blood vessels. It helps relax muscles and in turn also makes PMS less harsh. It has been smoked and used in teas for centuries among a lot of cultures all over the world. It has therefore been a vital part of the development of early societies.

Tobacco Alternative

Like we have mentioned in the article already. The raspberry leaves are a great option for those who wish to stop with regular cigarettes. There is no nicotine present in raspberry leaves. Herbal cigarettes still have some harmful fumes produced when smoking it but lack the addictive chemicals found in commercial cigarette brands.

Summary And Conclusion

Smoking raspberry leaves has been done for centuries. It carries a lot of benefits that have been taken advantage of by cultures all over the world. Smoking raspberry leaves or herbal cigarettes are a much healthier option than regular cigarettes as they don’t contain any chemicals.

Raspberry leaves are very rich in both potassium and antioxidants, but also Vitamin B and C. But there is no research produced yet that supports that the body is able to take up these things when the leaves are ignited.

Pairing raspberry leaves with chamomile for example is a great way of introducing more aroma and flavour to your herbal cigarettes.

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