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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the impact eating unwashed strawberries will have on you. To relieve some stress or pressure on this topic, we need to say that eating organic strawberries that haven’t been washed is perfectly fine.

These have not been sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides and are completely safe to eat. But those strawberries that aren’t labeled organic we need to wash very carefully. There can be remnants of harmful chemicals left on them that we don’t want to get into our bodies.

Follow along in this article and we will learn even more about the topic of washing and what the best strawberries are. If you are looking to get into growing your own, then this space is a great resource for you. We share plenty of information here related to growing and caring for your own strawberry plants.

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Unwashed Strawberries

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, strawberries that are not grown organically need to be washed very carefully. These companies and farms are growing these strawberries, not for their flavor of them, but instead for the profit of selling them.

To get the most money from growing them they tend to use pesticides that are not very good for our bodies if we consume them. Given that, we need to be careful about consuming too many of these non-organic berries, but also really any of them.

The organically grown strawberries will not have any pesticides on them at all and are generally speaking a way safer option to choose. There are a lot stricter rules surrounding growing plants this way. As a consumer, it’s also a much safer and healthier option.

But if you have bought nonorganic strawberries then we recommend washing them under cold water and letting them drain off at room temperature. This will hopefully get rid of any pesticides and insect sprays that might be on the berries.

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Do Fresh Strawberries Need To Be Washed Before Eating

Fresh strawberries only really need to be washed if they are not organic. When farmers decide to grow plants organically they are not allowed to use any pesticides that would keep the plants safe from insects and diseases.

Might seem like a good thing, but these pesticides are filled with chemicals that are incredibly harmful to our bodies if we consume too much of them. Because of that, it is often recommended to wash berries and fruits that aren’t organic very carefully.

This will hopefully remove any chemicals that might otherwise be present in the produce. Note that you would be able to skip that whole thing if you just decided to buy something organic instead. 

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Are Strawberries Washed Before They Are Packaged

Strawberries are generally washed before they are packaged. But they are also slightly dried too. This makes it less likely for any diseases to grow on the berries. Making it a safer product for the consumer as well.

The process of slightly drying them is something we can do at home too. This is very important as mold tends to grow a lot faster in an environment that is more humid and warm than one that’s dry.

Fresh Strawberries Indoors