When Is The Best Time To Pick Banana Peppers

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Knowing when the best possible time to pick banana peppers is very important as picking unripe ones will just disappoint you with the flavor. Unripe peppers tend to have a slight bitterness to them which isn’t very pleasant to eat.

Below we share some of our insight into knowing when the best possible time might be to pick the banana peppers. They really are one of our all time favorite pepper varieties to grow at home.

Banana Peppers
Banana Peppers

What Are Banana Peppers

Banana peppers are a quite unique variety that has a long shape to them. They are very green when they are ripe and can come in a number of different flavor profiles. Our favorites are the ones which are slightly sweet too. These are great to grow at home and also tend to ripen faster than the spicier banana pepper varieties.

Like most pepper varieties out there they like a warm place with lots of sun. The soil should be very well draining and rich in nutrition. This will help the plant produce very flavorful peppers.

Varieties Of Banana Peppers

There are different varieties of banana peppers out there. There is basically a spectrum with one side being sweetere and the other spicy. The color can shift a bit between the varieties. But our favorites are the green and slightly sweet ones.

They do all look more or less slightly the same. They have a long shape and aren’t that large. More longish and skinny.

When To Pick Banana Peppers

Picking banana peppers should only be done when they are fully ripened, but that sort of goes without saying. Knowing when that time is the tricky part. We look at the color of the peppers. They should be really brightly colored or green and also have a slight snap to them. That indicates its fully ripened. If you want to go beyond that you should harvest on sunny and warm days when even more energy is running through the plant.

How Do You Know If It Has Ripened

Looking at the color of the peppers is what for us will indicate whether they are ready to be picked or not. They should have a slight snap to them when they are ready. 

If the color is dull or nor that bright then there might still be some time for the peppers to grow. This really goes for all pepper varieties. A red variety is ready when it’s bright red, a yellow one is ready when it’s bright yellow. 

Banana Pepper Plant
Banana Pepper Plant

Caring For A Banana Pepper Plant

It’s pretty easy to care for a banana pepper plant or any variety for that matter really. We need to manage the soil and the amount of sunlight the plant is receiving. That is more or less the task we need to take care of.

The soil should never be left to dry out too much. We like to keep it between a little dry and damp. That will help the roots grow efficiently and not be too stressed either. In terms of sunlight the plant will want to get about 8 – 10 hours each day if growing indoors, which is very possible with this variety.

Will Banana Peppers Keep Producing

The banana pepper plant can keep producing harvest throughout the whole summer. But it will start slowing down eventually since the variety is an annual, meaning it only lives for one year before wilting down again.

So from the beginning of summer until early autumn you will be able to harvest from the plant. Everything doesn’t come at once, which means we don’t have to waste any by not being able to use it in time.

How Long Do Banana Peppers Take To Grow

From planting the first seed until harvesting the first banana pepper it will take about 5 months if you have kept it in the most perfect even permit to grow in. But don’t worry if it takes a longer time than this to grow the plant. It all really depends on the place and time where it’s growing.

Banana Pepper
Banana Pepper


Knowing when the best time to harvest banana peppers is very important as we dont want to waste any flavor in the plant. We have found that when it’s brightly colored or green and has a snap to it, it’s ready to be harvested. Before that it might just be a bit too bitter in flavor.


Are Banana Peppers Still Good When They Turn Red

Banana peppers are definitely still good when they are red. Some varieties are this color when they are ready. So it’s important to do your research on the variety before planting it.

What To Do With Banana Peppers After You Pick Them

Once you have picked the banana peppers it’s important to have a plant for utilizing them. We like to make either chili oil or add them in a stir fry.

Can You Eat Banana Peppers When They Are Green

Some varieties of banana peppers are actually ripe when they are green. These are mostly the sweeter varieties. We like these the most as they are also quite aromatic.

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