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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why the leaves of your strawberry plant might be starting to turn brown. The most common cause is that the plant isn’t getting enough water and the leaves are simply wilting.

The plant desperately needs water. But there is a limit to how much you should give it. Watering the plant will cause the roots to start rotting and also makes the berries taste like nothing. But that might be a sacrifice you need to make in order for the plant to survive for the next year.

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Why Are My Strawberry Plant Leaves Turning Brown

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the strawberry plant can start having the leaves turning brown because there not being enough water in the soil for it. When this happens we need to supply it with more in order to survive and produce berries we can harvest.

Before you add any water, however, we need to check the condition of the soil. Feel it with your hand to see how dry it is. After doing this we will have a better idea of what it shouldn’t be and also how much water should be added

Water the area a little bit at a time until the texture and condition of the soil are slightly damp. This will make for the best growing condition for the strawberry plant. It can manage fine in dry soil for a few days but if it gets prolonged then you start seeing even more brown leaves eventually again. 

Using fertilizers is also a great way to build up the strength of the plant. If you have access to manure then that is the best for the plant. It’s full of nutrients that plants can take up. This feeds into growing a better root system able to pick up more nutrients and water. Since it’s a perennial plant it will with time just get stronger and stronger.

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Should I Cut The Brown Leaves Off My Strawberry Plant

Cutting the brown leaves from your strawberry plant is actually a good idea. The leaves will unfortunately not be growing back into what they used to be. Instead, we will want to remove them to give space for new ones to come forth.

You might ask how you should cut them off. We find that cutting the small stem attached to them is necessary. Cut it as close as possible to the main stem of the plant. It will leave a scar but save time as the plant can quickly grow new ones again.

To speed up the process and also have the best possible chance we recommend fertilizing the soil a little bit. That way we can ensure the plant will have an easier time getting the necessary nutrition it needs for its daily growth.

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How Do You Revive A Dying Strawberry Plant

Reviving a dying strawberry plant is not the easiest to do. We need to basically set it up in an environment where all the needs are met. We can forget about getting any berries. 

Make sure the soil is slightly damp and that you use an organic fertilizer to encourage growth and nutrition to get into the plant again. After that, we need a lot of sunlight to reach the plant in order for it to perform photosynthesis. A process that generates energy for the plant and makes it possible to continue to grow and flourish. It will take time, but with effort, it’s very much possible.

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