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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a cactus plant might start bending when it’s growing. This is never a good sign as it will indicate something is wrong with the condition and environment it’s growing in.

Some of these issues could be underwatering, overwatering, or general damage to the roots. So not a good song as we said. This can have severe damage to the plant if there is nothing done in the short term.

The cactus plant is generally a very hardy plant, able to withstand some rough conditions that other plants could not manage. But we still need to treat the cactus just like any vulnerable plant.

Flowering Cactus Plant

Why Is My Cactus Bending

As we said at the beginning of this article here there are many reasons why a cactus plant might start to bend. Generally, this is never a good sign and you will have to do something about it pretty quickly. 

Some of the issues we mention that will cause this to happen is soil that is kept underwater or even overwatered. It’s a real balancing act when watering a cactus plant. But we say that it should always be kept semi-dry. This will best emulate the wild climate the plant has to grow in. 

Overwatering the plant will cause severe harm to the roots of the plant. They will start to drown and this might even cause them to grow weird. This is then shown by the entire plant bending to one side. 

Another thing could be that the roots have gotten inflicted by some type of disease or pest. This will also cause great harm to the plant and cause it to grow weirdly, in this case growing in a very bent way.

But one thing you might not be aware of that could cause this to happen is the pot. If you have a relatively old cactus plant growing in a way too oversized a pot then it could cause it to grow bent. 

The last cause that we mentioned is pretty easy to fix. We will just need to transplant the entire cactus to a new pot and place it in the sun. That is the best for it to start establishing itself quickly. 

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Cactus Plant Growing Bent

How Do You Fix A Bent Cactus

Fixing a bent cactus is very difficult. Instead, we recommend just accepting the fact it will grow this way now. The entire plant can’t really revert itself and grow normally again. But we can make sure it stops growing very bent.

Having it grow in the best possible environment will make sure of that. A spot where it can get between 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day will do wonders for the plant. But also keeping a good watering schedule also does some good.

We recommend watering the soil until it feels semi-dry. That is a great way of not stressing the plant which often is the reason for a bent cactus plant.

We feel like we should mention the option of cutting the cactus plant too. It can actually manage to be cut down by 50 %. But this only works if you have followed the steps above here beforehand

Using this technique we hope that the plant will grow and a new stem goes straight up instead of bending to the side as the old one did.

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Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot

Why Does My Cactus Keep Bending Over

The reasons cactus plants will start to bend and grow in a weird way is because of several reasons. Some of these will include the soil being either under or overwatered. This impacts the root system which then will impact the way the plant grows.

But if the roots are afflicted by disease or pest, then that will also affect the way it grows. Making sure the plant is growing in a sunny spot with soil that is kept semi-dry is the best method of avoiding a bent cactus plant.

Cactus Plants Growing Outside