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Welcome to this article that will be talking about what it means when the root bulb is being exposed on your ZZ plant. It’s not really that big of a deal, to be honest. The plant is more or less just growing in a strange way.

Sometimes it can be triggered by the soil being too dry and causing the root bulb to move more upwards. If you want to fix this however it’s possible to just report the plant and dig down a little deeper and plant the bulb.

Below in this article, we will discuss even more about the root bulb on the ZZ plant and what the best techniques and practices are for caring for the plant. It’s one of the less common varieties out there but nonetheless a great option if you are a beginner in the world of gardening.

Large ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant Root Bulb Exposed

Just like we said at the beginning of the article here, the root bulb being exposed is not the end of the world. The plant is growing in this strange way most likely because the soil is a little bit drier than it should be. Because of that we should try and add some more water to the soil.

The ZZ plant grows the best in soil that emulates the wild environment it would grow in. That means the soil should be slightly damp to encourage the roots to grow and always have an access to nutrition. 

The humidity in the wild environment is also rather high, meaning there is more water staying in the soil. Try to use some fertilizers every now and again as well. That will help the roots stay healthier and have greater access to it which it then can pass on to the rest of the plant.

We mentioned that you could try and repot the plant if you want to get rid of this exposed root bulb. That way you can bury whatever part was exposed. Make sure you don’t cover too much of the stem. That might otherwise cause stem rot on the plant which is a very severe issue.

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Can You Grow A ZZ Plant From Just A Rhizome

The plant is able to be propagated just from the rhizomes. They are storing water and a part of the vast root system the ZZ plant will begin to grow when cultivated. It’s a rather easy process. You take a part of the roots and bulb of an already existing plant and then plant that in a very healthy and sunny spot.

Try and find a very sunny spot for the plant where you will be propagating the new growth. That way we will hopefully have a faster growth time and the chance of it starting to grow will be higher.

Use some fertilizer for the soil as well. That will help the plant a lot in terms of nutrition. The new propagating will have all the needs covered by this point and it won’t be long until you start seeing progress above the soil.

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ZZ Plant Growing Indoors

Should ZZ Plant Rhizome Above Soil

The rhizome should be just at the edge of the soil or slightly above. That will be the ideal condition and position for the ZZ plant to grow in. Make sure the soil is newly fertilized if you are repotting and growing new ZZ plants.

Try and find a pretty sunny spot as well for the plant to grow in. That way the part growing above the soil will be able to perform photosynthesis rather quickly and easily.

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