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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether you can eat peaches that have turned brown. Unfortunately in some cases, you should not be eating these as they are in the process of decomposing and that’s not something you want to have in your body. 

It can cause stomach pains and even nausea depending on how far they have gone. But you can still enjoy them before this. Giving that you know what to look for if they have gone bad.

Follow along in this article and we will discuss further in depth what that might be and the signs for it. Peach trees are a great beginner-friendly variety to start with and picking and eating the fruits and the right time is very important to get the most out of this.

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Are Brown Peaches OK To Eat

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, the peaches that are starting to turn brown are often in the process of decomposing and therefore shouldn’t really be eaten as their nutrition of them is fading away and they are preparing to turn back into the soil.

Some signs to look out for are the colors first of course. If they have just a darker yellow or orange color then you can probably still eat them without suffering any harm. But if they are almost turning really dark brown you should avoid them.

The oxygen has at this point affected the flesh enough so that it will soon have bacteria growing on it. Another thing to look for is the smell of the fruit. A bad one will smell very off and bitter or even acidic in a bad way.

These should just be thrown in compost so that they eventually can be turned back into the soil. We find that this is the best thing to do so you can at least get some use out of these over-ripened and brown peaches.

Picking the fruit at the right time is very important so that we aren’t wasting any of them as they are overripe and get left afterward. If you know that you can have all of them now if they are ripe then place them in the fridge to hopefully slow down that process a little bit.

If you are wondering whether peaches are considered citrus fruits then we have actually written about just this. You can find the article right here, Are Peaches Considered Citrus.

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Are Peaches Still Good If They Turn Brown

The peaches might still be good even though they have turned brown. But how good they are will really depend. If they are really dark then we perhaps should just let them be and instead use them in compost.

But if they still have some yellow and orange color to them then you probably should cook them instead to kill off any bacteria that might still be in there. Things you could do then are either jam or marmalade.

Peaches will turn brown when they are left for too long to over-ripen. The temperature they are kept in might be too high as well. Because of this we highly recommend that you try and eat them as soon as possible.

If you are curious about the best way to keep peaches that have been cut then we have a dedicated article to do just that. Find it here, How Do You Keep Sliced Peaches From Turning Brown.

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Can You Eat Peaches That Have Brown Rot

You should not be eating any fruit that has rot on them. That really goes for anything. When something is rotting any form of nutrition is gone and the only thing you will be getting is sickness.

Avoid these things at all times and instead, just throw them in compost and let them turn into soil that can be used in a vegetable garden or for planting a new peach tree even.

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