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Welcome to this post that will be talking about the best practice for making sure that the fruit that you have at home is not turning brown. In this case peaches. The best method we have found for prolonging the color of fruits is by coating them in an acidic juice.

For that, we use lemon juice. That will help keep the color and the freshness of the fruit if we want to have them later instead. But note that even like this they will eventually start to turn brown as the acidity will cook the fruit little by little.

Follow along in this article if you want to learn even more about this fascinating topic. It’s a great technique to learn as it can be applied to basically any fruit out there. The only thing differing might be the lasting time of the sliced cuts.

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How Do You Keep Sliced Peaches From Turning Brown

Just like we said at the beginning of the article, using an acidic juice is the proven and best way to make sure that the fruit isn’t turning brown. Simply take the lemon juice and rub it over the cut fruit. Then you can keep it in the fridge for at least 2 days before a color change is starting to take place.

But we want to stress the importance of eating these fresh fruits when they have been cut or exposed to air. The clock is just ticking as the quality gets worse and worse. For the best experience eating them straight away is the best.

Imagine harvesting fresh peaches just to put them in a fridge and have them cold when you enjoy them instead of warm after the sun has been gazing at them for the whole day.

The amount of nutrition in fruit will not be getting any better after you have harvested it. Therefore eating them straight away is the best way to enjoy them. But if you want to store them, then keeping them outside in a fruit bowl is a great way. Just don’t stack too many of them over each other.

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Can You Cut Peaches Ahead Of Time

You can absolutely cut peaches ahead of time as long as you prepare some lemon juice and cover the slices afterward. This way they will keep good for at least a couple of days without any noticeable color change. 

But the flavor will be fading away the more they are exposed to air. The nutrition in them is also not getting any better with time. Therefore we often recommend that you try and enjoy them as soon as possible.

But if you are wondering whether they will keep from the morning until evening then yes. They absolutely will and you don’t need any lemon juice for them. Leave them as they are and enjoy them at a later time instead.

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How Long Before Cut Peaches Turn Brown

If you cut a peach then it most likely will turn brown the day after. The sugar-rich fruit flesh will be exposed to oxygen and will then slowly turn brown. There are some ways to prevent this that we have already covered in this article.

One is that you use some lemon juice on it to keep the color and the freshness of it. But it won’t hold forever and should be enjoyed within a few days at least.

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