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Ever wondered what the difference is between both basil and mint? Well luckily you have come across this article right here, For us there are some pretty clear differences in both the flavor of the herbs but also the look of them and the way they grow.

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Basil And Mint Difference

Like we said there are both flavor differences but also in the appearance of them too. But luckily we have this article that will go further in detail about this. As for a quick differentiator of the two different herbs then we can look at the leaves of the plant. The mint will in almost all cases have a flat leaf. The edges of the leaves will also be slightly jagged or even textured.

The basil on the other hand will in almost all cases have a slightly hollow or rounder shape to the leaf. There are flat leaf basil too but these are not very common and we base this on the most popular basil variety which is sweet basil or also called italian basil. The texture of the leaves are very smooth and very fragile if you handle them too much

The color of the two herbs will also differ a bit. The basil will often have a much more greener color to it, mostly going towards a darker green. The mint will have a more lime green color to it or a lighter green too.

The flavor of the two herbs also differ a bit. The basil will have a pretty distinct sweetness to it also coupled with a strong herbaceous note. Once you have tasted basil it will be very hard to not recognize it again for being what it is.

The mint will obviously have a minty note to it but the strength of this varies depending on which variety you have. The most popular peppermint will have a pretty strong mint flavor that can slightly numb your tongue when you eat it. It’s not dangerous but a good thing to look for when identifying if it’s mint or not.

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Can I Use Mint Leaves Instead Of Basil

Using mint leaves instead of basil will really depend on what you were supposed to have the basil for in the beginning. The flavor of the two are pretty distinct and don’t really overlap a whole lot. Therefore it might just be a better idea to just seek out basil if that’s what the recipe called for.

If you are supposed to have basil on a pizza or tossed in a pasta in the final minute then mint will never really live up to the flavor profile that basil brings in that. Having a minty flavor on top of a pizza is not for everyone but basil sure is.

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Does Basil Taste Like Mint

Like we explained before in this article, the flavor of the two are pretty distinct and they don’t really overlap a whole lot. The most common basil variety sweet basil that we use as a reference point has a pretty sweet flavor to it obviously. But it will also be very herbacious. This coupled with a slightly grassy and bitter note that sometimes can be found in slightly older basil plants makes it a favorite among many.

The mint on the other hand will have a minty flavor obviously and a slightly peppery note as we are basing it off the most common peppermint variety. On top of this the mint will often slightly numb the top part of your tongue for a bit after you eat it. Definitely not a dangerous thing but just a side effect of the pepper note in the herb.

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