How Long Does It Take To Grow Mint From Seed

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Mint From Seed

Welcome to this post about how long it will take to grow mint from seed. It can really depend on your type of climate and the environment you are growing in. Whether you are inside or outside. But as a general rule, growing from seed will produce the first possible harvest in about 90 days afterwards. So mint is a pretty quick growing herb that can provide plenty of bountiful harvests throughout the whole year.

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Mint From Seed

Like we said in the beginning of this article, mint is a very fast growing herb that is able to produce plenty of growth during the season. Don’t be surprised when you have more mint at home than you can make use of. But that is also the fun of growing such a herb. So from sowing the first seed, it should take about 90 days for it to provide the first harvest. At this point it will also stand about 1 – 2 feet tall. But this is of course all in line with that it has had a good environment to grow in and hasn’t been stressed or had any other issues.

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The first part of growing any herb or anything really for that matter is the germination part. This is what happens when the seed first goes in the soil. It starts to take the nutrients in the soil and begins developing into something beautiful. For mint, this process takes between 10 – 15 days. At the end of this process you should actually see the first signs of life above the soil.

We said that the herb needs the best possible environment to continue thriving and to promote growth. What is the best environment for mint? Mint is a herb that does not like when the soil dries out, so make sure that you never let that happen. Otherwise it will start shedding leaves and before you know it, you won’t have a mint at home anymore. Other than having a soil that does not dry out, it should also be very well drained. This means that when you water the plant, the water will not pool on the top or in the bottom of the soil.

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Germinate Mint Seeds Paper Towels

Germinating mint seeds on a wet paper towel might be a good method if you want to see the progress very clearly. But we don’t recommend doing it as it’s more reliable growing it directly in a pot with soil. But the way you do it is by wetting a paper towel with a few layers. Lay the mint seed on top with an inch apart. They will quickly germinate in a sunny window and be able to be transplanted to a pot.

Since mint is a very aggressive and competitive herb, we recommend that you grow it in a pot. Making sure you have good drainage in the soil when growing in a pot is most easily done by looking if it has holes in the bottom. Here the excess water will leak out. If this isn’t present then the large amount of water trapped in the pot will start making the roots of the plant rot. A process that can quickly make your plant die off.

To reiterate again on how long it will take for your mint plant to grow from seed. About 90 days is the waiting time for it. At this stage you will be able to make the first meaningful harvest. But making sure that the plant has a healthy environment is also key. This includes never letting the soil dry out, but also having good drainage. Not letting any water pool and having it leak out instead.

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