Why Wont My Mint Seeds Grow

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Why Won’t My Mint Seed Grow

Welcome to this post about why won’t my mint seed grow. It can be difficult and annoying sometimes identifying the problem with growing herbs from seeds. They sometimes require a lot of attention and very specific types of environment and climates. But thankfully, mint is one of the easier ones to grow. Continue reading and we will cover a few of the most common issues that can occur.

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Why Wont My Mint Seed Grow

There can be multiple issues being the reason why your mint seeds won’t grow. Making sure that they have the best possible environment is the first and most important step. This is why you need to prepare even before sowing. I like to grow my seeds in very small plastic containers indoors before repotting them to either freeland or in another larger pot. But before sowing I make sure I have a very nutritious soil. This is most easily done by using a fresh soil that is either store bought or one that you have just fertilized.

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If the soil is dead and no good then the same will happen to the seed. Another thing I do before is making sure it has good drainage. This means that when I pour in water it wont pool at the top of the surface. It will instead go further down and the excess will leak out. This is crucial as it otherwise can make the roots growing out and developing start to rot. That will quickly kill the plant.

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These are some of the steps I make sure I have covered before sowing. But I also maintain them after sowing as well. Never letting the soil dry out completely. Mint likes when the soil is sort of damp and wet still and remains that way. But it also likes the sun a lot. So since I am growing indoors, I want to aim for the seedlings to get at least 10 hours of sunlight. Otherwise they can be really leggy and scraggly. Producing not very good looking plants. You might wonder when you can see these seedlings. It all goes as it should, then that should be after about 2 weeks or so.

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How Long Do Mint Seeds Take To Sprout

The first part is called the germination process. It lasts for about 10 – 15 days and at the end it should produce visible seedlings. So the time it takes for the seeds to sprout is 10 – 15 days. Important here is to keep them in a warm spot where they can quickly go through this process.

But you might just be unlucky with the seeds actually. Sometimes it can happen that the seeds are no good because they have gotten too old. Then they will not start growing and developing like they should.

So to reiterate again a little bit on why your seeds might not grow. It can be because they got too much water and drowned. They didn’t get enough sunlight and would grow because of that. It can also be that they are a bit slow and waiting a week might make them appear. But it can also come down to the fact that the seeds simply were too old. Like you see it can be a multitude of different things that can affect the growth of the seed. So making sure you have them covered is very important.

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