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Welcome To this article that will be talking about why leaves start to curl, and more specifically why they are doing it on your air plant. The reason often comes from the main reasons actually.

The first is about not getting enough water. This will cause a lot of stress to the plant, which then makes the leaves start to curl as not enough nutrients are passed through the plant. The second reason being about too much sunlight. Something that can affect all plants pretty significantly.

Follow along in the article here and we will learn even more about the wonderful houseplant that is the air plant. For us, it’s one of the better options if you are a beginner in the space of gardening.

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Air Plant Leaves Curling

As we mentioned at the start of the article here, there are more or less two reasons that will start to make your air plant leaves to curl. The first one is about not watering the plant enough. This can become a really serious issue as the plant cant maintain the level of growth it has.

The lack of water stresses the roots as they both get neglected in nutrition and eventually start to dry out. This then passes on to the rest of the time by having the leaves start to curl.

You might ask then what the best level of watering is then for the air plant. We find that the best possible way to treat the air plant will be in soil that is kept slightly damp. Here we really need to get down and actually feel the soil. Guesswork here is not the best. Feeling and looking at the soil is what will make your life a lot easier in terms of caring for the plant.

The second reason we gave was too much sunlight each day. This is something that quickly will add up as the summer season comes around. When the temperatures are starting to increase the plant will need more water in order to keep up with the level of growth it has. Lack of water will quickly show by the leaves curling up.

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How Do I Know If My Air Plant Needs Water

The best indicator that your air plant needs water is that the leaves are starting to curl. This is the most common and easiest-to-notice symptom caused by a lack of watering. The plant, especially the roots, are stressed because they can’t get enough nutrition to pass on to the rest of the plant.

When this happens we recommend that you need to water the soil a little bit at a time until you see and feel that the soil is damp. This is the ideal texture and condition for the air plant to grow in. 

The reason we say that you should add a little bit of water at a time is that too much will also cause issues. The roots won’t be able to get the oxygen they need because it’s blocked out by too much water in the soil.

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Why Is My Air Plant Shriveling Up

The reason your air plant is starting to shrivel up is most likely because the plant is not getting enough water each day. This causes the plant to stress in the search for nutrition to stay alive.

This will eventually lead to the plant stopping supplying parts which cause them to shrivel up and also curling event. We need to pay attention to this so we can tell the plant before it’s too late.

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