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A Garden Of Mint Plants

Welcome to this post about why mint might taste bitter. We might as well start off by giving the most common reason for it. We have found that if the plant is not getting enough sunlight and nutrition too, then the flavor profile of the plant will shift.

In this article we will dive a little bit deeper on the things that you can do about it and get your mint plant back on track and start producing delicious and fragrant leaves.

Mint Plant Growing In The Sun

Why Does Mint Taste Bitter

Just like we said in the beginning of this article here, the most common reason for a mint plant tasting very bitter is the nutrition and the access to sunlight it’s getting. Mint is generally a very hardy plant but it does have some requirements of course.

But we should mention that some people can experience mint as very very bitter, generally this is when you have a very sensitive palate and are susceptible to big flavor profiles, just like mint.

So making sure that the plant is getting around 6 – 8 hours of sun every day if it is outside will help it get the necessary energy to make the fragrant leaves. But having a healthy soil, fertilizing it every now and again will also give it a big boost. Generally speaking we like to fertilize the soil about 3 – 4 times every year.

The last factor that might cause a mint plant to taste bitter is the age of it. If it has already flowered and is coming to the end of the season, then the flavors will for sure be more bitter.

If you mint a plant starting to grow a square stem. If you want to learn more about this phenomena then we have the article for you, Square Stem Mint, How To Fix.

Mint Plant In The Garden

Why Does My Mint Not Taste Like Mint

The reason for your mint plant not tasting the way it should is probably because of the way it’s growing. Mint is a plant that really likes a sunny spot where it can also get access to healthy soil.

Having that covered will amek for the best and most natural habitat for mint. This will without a doubt create the best possible flavor of the mint, and therefore also make sure that your mint tastes like mint and nothing else.

But another thing that we mentioned above here is the fact the plant will change flavor if it’s starting to flower or the season is getting to its end. This will dull the flavor and sometimes even make it taste bitter.

Some people really don’t like mint and there can be a few reasons for that. In this article right where we dive a little bit deeper. Why Do I Hate Mint.

Mint Sprig Indoors

How Do You Get The Bitterness Out Of Mint

If your mint plant is tasting bitter and the season has just started then you probably should check the conditions of your soil. It needs to be healthy and well draining. The water shouldnt be pooling at the top and the soil should be filled with worms. That’s a great sign of a healthy soil.

If you don’t notice this then you can fertilize the soil. We recommend doing this about 3 – 4 times a year. The best ones to use are also the most natural, manure. This will smell quite a bit but will make for a very healthy soil

This is one of the ways to get bitterness out of mint. But cutting of older stems will give room for new ones. These will most likely taste just like the fresh and fragrant mint we all are used to.

Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

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