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Welcome to this article that will be talking bout the thing you can do when a snake plant leaf gets broken. This is unfortunately not a completely uncommon thing that can happen. Often caused by some external thing that has gotten in contact with the plant. In our house, we have a cat that has seemed to get a liking for plants in the window.

When a leaf like this on a snake plant gets broken off we need to cut the whole one-off. it will not be recovering and for the sake of having a good-looking snake plant as well, we want a new leaf to grow out.

Follow along in the article below here and we will further talk about how you can take care of your snake plant and have it thrive at home. This variety is according to us one of the best ones you could be growing as a houseplant, whether you are a beginner or an expert in gardening.

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Broken Snake Plant Leaf

Like we said previously here, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to have the leaf on a snake plant break off as they are rather fragile. But you should know that it basically only happens when something else has gotten in contact with the plant. 

In our house, we have a cat that really likes going in the windows and sometimes that can end up damaging the plants as he is not the most elegant cat out there. But nonetheless, it could happen for a variety of reasons.

The important part is what you will be doing about it when it happens. Here we actually recommend you just cut off the entire leaf. The broken of peace will not grow back and the are will instead just be called and become discolored.

Cutting the leaf off will also give room for new leaves to come forth and with time you might have an even bushier appearance on your snake plant. A win-win in our opinion.

Make sure that you keep the plant in a sunny spot after you have cut the leaf off and also provide the soil with plenty of water. That will be setting it up for the best possible environment to grow in and successfully recover too.

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Should I Cut Damaged Snake Plant Leaves

We find that the best thing to do for a snake plant that has had a damaged leaf is to just bite the bullet and cut away the leaf. It will not be recovering and instead, the color of the leaf will disappear, and left you will have a white leaf that looks rather dead.

Because we have cut away this leaf however we leave room for new leaves to come forth and start growing there. This will make for a bushier and eventually a healthier plant too.

Setting up the plant with the best possible environment to recover in as well will be important. This means that the soil should be well watered and healthy as well. You should definitely fertilize the soil a little bit after you have cut the leaf off. 

This will just kick start the process of growing back to what it once was. But just look for any other discoloring on the other parts of the plants. That will usually indicate the plant is being stressed.

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Snake Plant Growing Inside

How Do You Heal A Broken Snake Plant

Healing a broken snake plant is pretty difficult. As we said previously in this article here the broken part will not be growing back any time soon.

Instead, the best decision would be to just cut away the leaf and wait for new ones to come forth. The plant is very tough and hard to kill. Because of this, the plant will most likely persevere and you will have it back to what it once was before.

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