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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the roots of a snake plant and specifically when they are turning orange in color. We feel like we should mention straight away that there are definitely not any problems with having oranger roots on a snake plant.

They will actually have this color to them actually. For us, it’s even a sign that the plant is doing okay. But when it is instead changed to white or black then something is wrong as the health of the root system is probably not that great.

Follow along here and we will together learn even more about the wonderful houseplant that is the snake plant. We find that this is one of the best beginner-friendly varieties out there to begin gardening with.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors

Snake Plants Roots Orange

Like we said at the start of the article here, the color of the snake plant can definitely be orange and there will be nothing wrong with the plant. We instead need to look at them if they are turning white or black. Their health is definitely not that great.

We take it as a great sign when the roots are orange. It means we have been caring for the snake plant in the right way since we started out with it. Thankfully with most of these houseplants, they will rather quickly change in color when there is something wrong with them. 

When there is too much water in the soil the roots will start to drown as there is not enough oxygen able to get to the roots. That will have a very bad effect as the roots start to rot and turn black. That in turn will affect the parts of the plant above the soil. 

The best way to counter this ever happening is only watering the soil it’s growing in very small amounts. That will hopefully hinder it from getting damaged any more than necessary. But also having a small hole in the bottom of the pot will lead away a lot of water that otherwise would be trapped in the bottom of the soil where the root system is.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Small Window

What Color Should Snake Plant Roots Be

The color of the snake plant should be somewhere between light yellow to white. This means it’s growing very healthy and has a great environment to live in. But when that color changes to black then the roots of the plant are starting to rot and something has to be done rather quickly.

We recommend that you try and place the plant in a very sunny spot when this happens. The likelihood is that it has been exposed to a lot more water in the soil than necessary. Because of this, we need the soil to quickly dry out to save the health of the snake plant.

We have talked here about the plant having orange roots, there is nothing wrong with that either. The shade of the roots can be very different and nothing is really right or wrong with it.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

Why Are The Roots Of My Snake Plant Red

When the soil that the snake plant is growing in is very wet and overwatered then the root system growing in it will start to turn red. That is a clear sign something is wrong and needs to be done. 

It’s the first stage before the plant starts to turn black and will be rotting because of excess water being present there. We recommend that you place the plant in a very sunny spot where the soil can start and dry out more quicker.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors