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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the best ways you can treat a snake plant that has been suffering from a lot of colds. The cold will often cause the leaves to start to curl. 

Having this revert is very difficult. The damage has already been done and the only thing we could do is make sure there is no more damage after this happens to the plant. After a lot of exposure to cold temperatures, there will be white spots appear on the snake plant. At this point, the plant is slowly starting to wilt and turn back into the soil.

Follow along in this article and we will learn even more about growing and caring for a snake plant. It is despite a lot of issues, a great variety to start out with if you are just beginning with gardening. It’s relatively low maintenance and will provide a beautiful decoration in your household.

Snake Plant Growing Inside

Snake Plant Cold Damage

As we said previously in the article here, the snake plant will easily succumb to cold as the temperature might get lower if you keep it outside. We, therefore, need to prevent this damage from getting out of hand.

The snake plant is used to growing in a hot climate where the temperature is pretty high and the moisture in the air is very low.  That has created the benchmark for where the plant can survive.

Because of this, we can’t keep the plant outside in the fall. Instead, we should really just have it growing indoors all year around. That will keep away from a lot of issues, like direct sun and in the case here, cold temperatures.

When the plant is experiencing a lot of cold temperatures then it will be shown the plant turning white in some parts. This will almost look like mold but it really is just the plant starting to decompose back into the soil.

When this is happening we need to act rather quickly to hopefully save the plant. It will be best to put the plant indoors and hope for it to slowly recover. The higher temperatures will make for a more comfortable environment for the plant.

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Snake Plant Growing Indoors

How Do I Revive My Snake Plant After Freezing

Reviving a snake plant that has been frozen is unfortunately pretty hard. If it has been going on for a long time then the root system has probably frozen as well and then it will not be recovering any time soon as it will have died.

We believe that the best thing you could do is simply put the plant indoors and hope for the plant to be able to recover in a better environment where the temperature is higher.

To know whether the plant could even be saved we need to look at where the damage has happened. Are only the leaves affected by the plant? Then it might actually be able to recover, although probably pretty slowly. If the soil is frozen solid then the likelihood it will be able to recover is basically zero as the root system will have died then.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

Can Snake Plant Survive Cold

A snake plant can survive in some colder temperatures but definitely not for a long time. It wants to grow in a temperature that is around what’s inside or above that. Since it originated from the desert, we can change the way it’s growing that much, unfortunately

The plant will be showing damage from cold temperatures when there are white spots appear on the plant. Then we quickly need to make sure the plant has a higher temperature.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors