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Welcome to this article that will be talking about what is actually happening when a snake plant is starting to turn white. The cause can be several different things actually. But the most common is either powdery mildew which is a type of fungal disease.

But it could also be because of cold temperatures. That can cause the leaves of the plant to start and turn white as they get stressed. If either of these things is left unchecked then the plant will most likely be turning back into the soil as it decays.

Follow along in the article here and we will together learn more about the fantastic houseplant that is the snake plant. One of the better plants to grow if you are a beginner that wants to get into gardening and especially having a houseplant that also looks great.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors

Snake Plant Turning White

As we said previously in the article here, the snake plant can be turning white because of several reasons but to narrow it down to basically the most common ones we have powdery mildew and cold temperatures.

Both of these are very harmful to the plant. They will affect it in different and can be prevented and healed in different ways as well. The first is the powdery mildew. That is a type of fungal disease that can inflict basically any type of plant.

It will start showing up as white spots on the leaves and will slowly make them decay as they eat away at the snake plant. But there are thankfully a few things you can do against it to help you snake plants.

The first is that you try and remove the inflicted leaves as soon as possible. That will hopefully contain the damage the powdery mildew is able to commit. But you could also make a blend of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. Use that against the inflicted areas. It will kill the mold because of the acidity the vinegar has.

The second reason a snake plant might turn white is because of the cold. Usually, this happens when it’s exposed to this for a prolonged period. We find that the best cure is to keep the plant indoors and wait for the leaves to adjust to the new temperature. After that, you will most likely have to remove the leaves if the damage is too severe.

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Snake Plant Growing Inside

What Does An Overwatered Snake Plant Look Like

A snake plant that has been overwatered will often turn black as the root system is starting to rot. That happens because the water is keeping oxygen from getting to the roots which they so desperately need.

This in turn will make the entire plant start to rot and soon you won’t have a plant growing at home anymore. But there are a few fixes we have found to be somewhat successful when trying to counter this. 

The first is to place the entire plant outside in a very sunny spot so it can have its soil dry up a lot quicker. This will with some luck keep the roots from rotting out completely and perhaps it can recover to what it used to be before.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

How Do You Know When Your Snake Plant Is Dying

When a snake plant is starting to die the color of the entire plant will change and it will turn black. As the roots are not producing any nutrients for the plant it will slowly implode on itself.

This is seen often as a color change. But it could also be shown as the plant turns white when there is barely any water in the soil or powdery mildew has found a grip on the plant. These things are serious and are usually pretty hard to fix as well.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors