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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a snake plant might start to develop mold on it. The most common cause is actually because of a fungal disease called powdery mildew. This is unfortunately not completely uncommon and can affect a lot of plants.

It will show up as white spots that will turn into the mold on the plant. They will usually be appearing when the health of the plant is compromised. It could be because of drought or soil that is not rich in nutrients. All these things make it easier for diseases to grab a hold of the plant and cause damage.

Follow along in the article here and we will together learn even more about growing this fantastic houseplant that is the snake plant. For us, despite some of the problems that might come along it’s one of the best varieties that you could be growing if you are a beginner at gardening.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors

Snake Plant Mold

As we said at the beginning of this article here, the snake plant can be inflicted by something called powdery mildew. That is a type of fungal disease that is unfortunately not very uncommon when gardening.

it can basically inflict any plant you have at home. It will be showing up as small white spots growing on the plant. These can become severe problems if they aren’t dealt with rather quickly. 

Thankfully there are quite a few things you can do to counter this happening or spread it even further. Once it has started to happen on the plant we recommend that you make a blend of 1 part vinegar with 2 parts of water. That will act as a solution to counter the infestive mold.

Since the blend is pretty acidic it will quickly kill the powdery mildew and cause it to stop spreading on your plant. But you should only be applying a few drops as any more than that can cause a lot of harm instead on the plant.

The acidic element will cause the plant to wilt if you apply too much. But this has proven to be a very effective way of quickly getting rid of the powdery mildew from a plant.

We should mention the option of also cutting away the entire leaf if you see it starting to appear. This will almost certainly stop the progress. But it could also be worthless if you are too late and it has already spread to other parts.

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Snake Plant Leaves

How Do You Get Rid Of Mold On Snake Plants

Getting rid of mold on your snake plant will often be done by using a solution of vinegar and water. We have a recipe that reads 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water. That will help immensely as the acidic element the vinegar brings will kill the mold almost immediately.

But be careful about the amount that you decide to use. Since it’s a very acidic blend it will also make the leaf of the snake plant start to wilt if you apply too much. Use in moderation and look for results before using any more of it.

We have also read about people using soap to get rid of mold. Then we are using something that instead of causing it to die from the acidity will be washed off. The effectiveness of this however remains undecided.

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Why Does My Snake Plant Have Mold

The reason why a snake plant will have mold starting to develop will be because of something called powdery mildew. A pretty common fungal disease that can affect a lot of different plants.

Often it will appear when the health of the plant is not very good in the first place. Perhaps after being overwatered or being repotted to a new place. All these things cause stress to the plant which then makes the natural defensive system go down.

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