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Welcome to this post about how low temperatures dill can tolerate. You might be surprised that dill can actually manage under the freezing point. 25 degrees is probably the lowest level you would want to keep your dill in. Now at this point you really should not expect a lot of growth coming from the plant actually.

It will be very hard for it to just survive. In this article we will go more in depth on the temperature that dill can grow in and what you should do to make sure you always have a thriving dill.

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How Cold Can Dill Tolerate

We sort of revealed the answer in the beginning of this article already. Dill can handle temperatures as low as 25 degrees. But of course this is below freezing and it’s very hard for anything to grow at this point. Most likely your dill stagnante and eventually starts to wilt rather quickly.

What we usually recommend people do is to cut down the entire plant at this point to not run the risk of losing out on a lot of potential harvests. Since dil is actually a perennial herb then we don’t have to worry about it not coming back the next year. It will come back stronger than ever if it has had a good season.

What can you do then if you are starting to see a drop in temperature at the end of the season? Like we said, the best thing to do for the dill is to cut it down and let it rest during the winter. But you don’t need to go into a rush with that. That can definitely wait until temperatures reach around the 25 – 30 degree mark. Of course these numbers are in fahrenheit, in celsius this would be around -2 or -3 instead.

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If you are growing dill for the first time however and you have small seedlings indoors and want to repot them outside you should probably wait until it’s pretty warm outside. Since seedlings will be a lot more vulnerable than established plants they shouldn’t experience the outside until at least 45 – 50 degrees. Otherwise it might stress the plant and then all that waiting and patience will have been for nothing.

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Can Dill Take A Frost?

Dill is a hardy plant and can manage temperatures below freezing. But not for a prolonged time. Once you start having frost where you live, then it might be a good idea to cut down the whole plant and make the most of it. So dill can take a frost but not for over a week before it starts wilting a lot.

As a nice side note in this article I figured I would include when it will actually grow the best. Around 70 degrees seems to be the sweet spot for dill. Here it will grow in abundance and will provide plenty of harvest for the season. What you need to do here however is keep an eye that the soil is not drying up too quickly. That can otherwise quickly make it wilt. Keeping the soil moist and wet is very important.

I want to reiterate again on what we have been talking about here. Dill can manage temperatures as low as 25 degrees but won’t be growing very much at this level. It is below freezing after all. Instead you should be looking into cutting down the dill when these temperatures are becoming more common.

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Dill Plants Growing In The Garden