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Welcome to this post about when the best time to grow dill is. It can differ a bit depending on where you are located. In this article we will talk more in depth about what makes for great conditions and what to look out for. Sometimes it can be hard to perfectly timing planting dill, but you shouldn’t worry about that. Dill can probably manage it without problems.

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How To Grow Dill In Florida

Growing dill in Florida is pretty easy. Here the climate is very wet and humid. This makes it easier for the watering part of growing dill. The soil won’t dry out just as quickly but it can still be very very hot during the summer. So you need to find a balance.

The best time for growing dill in Florida is really whenever. Here the dill can grow almost year round because of the very hot average temperature. In most cases we recommend sowing dill in April and May but Florida is an exception. If you do it in February you will probably be fine.

Growing indoors for the first part is still recommended for the best success. This way you can make sure it gets the best possible chance early on and has a safe environment to grow in.

Dill Plant Growing In The Sun

How To Grow Dill In Texas

Growing dill in Texas is slightly different from Florida that we talked about above. The biggest difference is when you should sow it. Here we actually do recommend growing it for the first time in April or May. Texas is also known to have some very hot temperatures during the summer. But it can also have some pretty cold weather during the winter. Even though dill can manage temperature down to 25 degrees it’s not worth risking it early on in the season.

So sowing it indoors a month or so before you plant it outdoors is a very good gameplant. In Texas it’s not as humid as in Florida, not nearly. This is why you need to be more aware of watering the plant. As you might now, dill is a herb that really likes when the soil is kept humid or damp at all times. This maximizes the chance for it to grow really fast.

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How To Grow Dill In Arizona

Compared to Texas, the weather in Arizona will be a bit more humid. Here the temperature is very hot but the humidity does help the soil retain more moisture during the season. This works very well for us and something we can take advantage of.

Here you can actually be a bit early with sowing your dill. Usually our guideline is around April to May but here it can be fine to start sowing in March. It’s a hardy plant that can manage this early on. Like always you need to count about 1 month in advance when you want to plant the dill outdoors. This way it can be grown indoors and build up some strength before facing the weather outdoors.

Always keep the soil wet and damp to further encourage growth. The water should not be staying at the surface of the soil. If this happens then you should probably try and hold off the watering for at least a couple of days.

Dill Flowering Outdoors

How To Grow Dill In California

The best part about growing anything in California is the fact it probably can grow for the whole year without problem. The temperature here is so hot that most herbs that are seasonal in their harvest can be taken from during the whole year.

Just like Florida, in terms of the best time of the year to sow dill seeds you can really go wrong with any month. Even in February it will be ok. But one thing we want to talk about when we have these places where harvest is possible during the whole year. You should actually harvest slightly less.

When you harvest you give room for new growth and since the plants here won’t have any downtime or rest during the winter like other places then it can be extremely stressed after a while. So the more you harvest the more you introduce new stress.

This is why we recommend you sometimes cut down almost 70 % of the whole plant. This will give it some time to rest during the year.

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Dill Plants Growing Outside

How To Grow Dill In Seattle

Growing dill in Seattle actually goes very similarly to growing in Texas. Here the temperature can be very hot during the summer and during the winter it can be pretty cold some years.

So here the best time of the year to sow the sill is sometime around April or May. At this time the soil should be warm enough that after a month of growing indoors the dill plant will have an easy time establishing itself in this new spot.

Watering here goes along with our guidelines of never letting the soil completely dry out. Instead we want it to be kept wet or damp at all times. A good idea as well can be to cut down most of the plant if not all at the end of the season. Since it won’t be growing a whole lot in the end, instead of wasting and letting it wilt, it’s better to take care of it and find uses for it.

How To Grow Dill In Georgia

Following along the theme or first sowing the dill in April or May we have Georgia. Here the summer temperatures can be very hot but this fits very well with growing dill. It’s a herb that does enjoy a lot of sunshine during the day and it wont do it any harm.

If you are growing the dill in a pot then you now have the opportunity of keeping the dill in the shade for a couple of hours during the day. This will help it a lot since it will give it some meaningful rest for the day. If the sun is just relentlessly shining then this is actually a vital part of gardening and caring for your plants.

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