When Can Dill Go Outside

Flowering Dill Plant Outdoors

When Can Dill Go Outside

Welcome to this post about when dill can go outside. Dill is one of the hardiest plants or herbs you can grow at home so don’t be afraid to keep it out earlier than you might think. It can actually manage fine just below the freezing point. Although it wont grow a whole lot at this point however.


But there are a few things worth knowing when you want to grow dill outside. These things include placement of it, the conditions of the soil and also pruning and cutting. Follow along and we will cover all of this.


If you want to learn even more in depth when the best time is to plant dill depending on where you might be living then we have written a complete guide covering all of this. You can find it here, When To Plant Dill In.

Flowering Dill Plant Outside

When Can Dill Go Outside

We didn’t give a clear answer in the beginning of this article to precisely when dill can go out. But it can technically be outside when it’s about 25 degrees. But you should not be expecting a whole lot of growth at this point. It will be very slow or none at all.


For the best possible growth we want the temperature to be around 70 degrees. At this level it will grow very well and you can probably harvest at least every other week or so in pretty big amounts.


But what if you are growing seedlings indoors and want to plant them outside for the season. We don’t recommend you doing it when it’s still freezing since that will probably kill off the plants very quickly. Instead you want to wait until the soil has warmed up completely and is in no danger of freezing. As the seedlings are very vulnerable after only being grown for maybe a month or so we want them to come out in the best possible environment.


If you are curious about the different temperatures that dill can grow in and want to read more in depth then we have written an article dedicated to just that, you can find it here, What Temperature Do Dill Grow In.

Growing Dill Outdoors

How Early Can You Put Dill On Porch?

Dill is like we have talked about a hardy plant that can manage low temperatures. As for putting it on the porch, you can definitely do that in April. At this time the risk for frost should be next to zero. At this point in time it will start growing quicker little by little and before you know if you have plenty of dill to take care of.


When the soil has warmed up will of course depend a lot on where you live in the world but as a rule of thumb, April and May will be perfectly fine to plant them in. At least where we live and here it can be pretty freezing long into the spring. The biggest reason for waiting is of course to not stress the plant. But it’s also about having the soil not frozen or too cold as it can slow down the root development pretty drastically.


The best placement for the dill plant outside will be in the sun but also a place where it can get a little bit of shade during the day. You might be thinking of growing dill in a pot but we would instead recommend doing it on freeland, if you have the ability and the space of course. This is because dill is a perennial that will come back the next year. In freeland it can more easily develop roots and expand, and eventually establish itself.


Lets reiterate a bit again on what we have been talking about here, dill can go outside when the temperature has increased and the soil is not frozen anymore. This is usually in April and May. If you are a week late that’s no worries, that’s better than being too early and having the seedlings or plant start wilting after being stressed.


Dill can tolerate a lot of temperature, but how long can it really go? In this article we find out the answer to that, How Cold Can Dill Tolerate?

Dill Plant Growing In The Garden

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