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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a snake plant might not be growing any roots. The unfortunate news is that it has probably been pretty damaged because of overwatering. This will kill off a lot of the roots beneath the soil.

Without the roots, the plant is not able to take up the nutrients from the soil and will after a while if nothing is done start to wilt and decompose back into the soil. Because of this, we need to act rather quickly to make sure we even have a snake plant growing at home.

Follow along in the article down below here and we will continue to talk about how you could save your snake plant from getting any worse. This variety is to us one of the best to grow at home if you are a beginner at gardening or you are an expert. It’s fun to grow and will provide plenty of decoration for your home.

Snake Plant Growing Inside

Snake Plant No Roots

As we said at the beginning of the article here, the reason snake plants might not have any roots growing is because of them being damaged. This could have been caused either by overwatering the soil for a prolonged period.

But it can also be because of transplanting the snake plant and then having some roots not wanting to grow in the new place. Other causes could be that there is a fungal disease afflicting the root systems under the soil. This will be very difficult to spot and know about.

Because of this, the priority should be that we try to keep the snake plant in the healthiest possible environment at all times in order to not risk having anything bad happen to it. 

A healthy soil that gets fertilized every now and again will help build up the immune system of the plant. Enough water for the roots to continuously grow will also help prevent sickness from taking hold of it. 

What should you do then when this happens to the plant? Well, it’s really the exact same as what we suggest you do to prevent it. Trying to keep the plant in a healthy environment is the best cure. 

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

How Do I Grow Roots On My Snake Plant

If you have taken a cutting or a leaf from your snake plant and want to propagate it into new plants that could be growing in your house then this is the right place for you. We have used this method quite a lot when family or friends want a snake plant of their own at home.

We recommend that you try and take the cutting pretty close to the surface of the soil. That will usually make it easier for new leaves to sprout out and take the old ones’ place.

Put the leaf in just enough water to cover about 1 – 2 inches of the bottom part where you cut it off. It will start to root in just a few days. Just goes to prove the hardiness of the snake plant and the ability it has to establish itself in new places.

After a month you should definitely be able to repot the cutting. Just remember to fill up the water level in the container you are rooting it in.

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Snake Plant Growing Indoors

How Long Does It Take For A Snake Plant To Root In Water

A snake plant will actually root really quickly once you place it in some water. Note that it should not be more than a few inches anymore than that you cause it to start rotting instead of encouraging any root development

After about 2 weeks it might even be ready to be transplanted to a new spot where it can develop a proper root system and have new leaves sprout out.

Snake Plant Growing In A Window