Square Mint Stem, How To Fix

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Square Mint Stem, How To Fix

A square stem growing on your mint plant should really not concern you. The biggest reason for this happening is really that the end of the season might be coming. We have not experienced it because of a lack of nutrition in the soil or not enough sunlight.

But below here we will continue to dive deeper and talk about why it might happen and what something is that you could be doing. Mint is generally a pretty hardy plant that will develop a thicker stem over time and perhaps a square stem.

Mint Sprigs Indoors

Square Mint Stem, How To Fix

Having a square stem mint plant is really not that bad, just like we said in the beginning here. The most common reason for it is that the end of the season is starting to come. This is not a bad thing, it just means that it has had a very good year and will be ready for the next year.

If you are starting to see a lot of your mint plant starting to turn square then you can start cutting away a few stems. This will give room for new growths to come out that will hopefully not be square shaped.

But there really is no impact on the overall flavor of the plant when the stems are turning square. But note that at the end of the season, the flavor of the mint should be expected to be slightly dull and even on the verge of being bitter.

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How Do You Make Mint Grow Straight

Making a mint plant grow straight is not that hard really. We want the plant to firstly be growing in a spot where the wind is not blowing a lot. So not right in the open. If you are growing it from the start then it can slightly bend over time as the mint plant is growing.

So aim to have it in a windfree spot and also a sunny spot of course. Another thing you can do is to cut and prune the mint plant while it’s growing. The most important step is to keep the main stem of the plant intact and not touch that.

Instead we want to only cut the stems and growth going out from the main one. This will be easier to shape and make the overall appearance of the plant straighter. Keep this up and make sure the soil is never really drying out. Having these things covered will make it a lot easier to start growing and having a thriving mint plant.

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How Do You Shape A Mint Plant

Shaping a mint plant comes down to cutting and pruning the plant during its growth in the season. We recommend that you wait until at least the middle of the season before you really start to prune the plant.

Doing it this way will make it easier for the plant to take on heavier cutting. This then also makes it easier for you to shape and bend the plant as you want to. Only cut the stems that have clear new growths coming out.

Cut it where the new ones are growing so that you give them room and the opportunity to more quickly thrive. Doing it this way will sort of create a snowball effect where if you cut off one stem, two new ones will come out. At the end of the season you should have a very bushy appearance on your mint plant.

Mint Plant Growing Outdoors

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