Are Ants Attracted To Mint

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Are Ants Attracted To Mint

Long story short, mint will not attract any ants to your garden. Instead it will actually repel them. This is because of the scent that mint produces and makes them not want to be near it.

In this article we will dive deeper into how mint affects the ant population you might have in your garden. But if you are having a problem with them being in your garden and near your plants, then planting mint there is a great solution actually.

Below we will also cover some of the most common questions that we have found when talking about growing mint and ants.

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Are Ants Attracted To Mint

Just like we said in the beginning of the article here, the effect that mint has on ants is that it will repe them. They will not want to be anywhere near it since it produces a very significant scent. This scent is probably something you have felt and smelt already. For us it can be a very enjoyable one, but for both animals and insects it’s a no go.

So fear not that your mint plants will be attracting any ants in your garden. Like we said in the beginning of the article here, actually planting mint near ants will get rid of that problem for you. Since it’s not something ants want to be near you can hassle them out of your garden and stop causing issues.

What we would recommend doing is to plant an already pretty established mint plant as these will be stronger and manage a transplant a lot easier. They will also be more ready in case the ants start to attack the mint plant for whatever reason.

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Mint Plants Growing In The Garden

Will Fresh Mint Keep Ants Away

Fresh mint will definitely keep ants away. It’s one of the best ways of getting rid of them actually. They will quickly start moving away since the scent of the mint plant is not very nice for them.

This effect is also felt on animals too or even other bugs and insects other than ants. Planting a fresh mint plant next to where a lot of ants are located then it will most certainly fix the problem for you.

Make sure its a very healthy plant too so that it can have the best chance of prospering and thriving in the place.

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Why Are There Ants In My Mint Plant

There really shouldn’t be any ants anywhere near your mint plant. This is because the plant will naturally have a scent that both animals and insects don’t like. but if you are seeing them nearby then it can be caused by an old plant, or a wilting plant.

There are many different varieties of mint and some might emit a weaker scent from the plant. The most common one, peppermint will have a pretty strong smell and should therefore not see any ants nearby it.

So make sure that your mint plant is very healthy and it’s getting enough sun everyday. The soil should definitely be nutritious too. This can most easily be done by fertilizing the soil, ideally with manure actually.

Following these steps should remove any issues you are having with ants nearby your mint plants.

Mint Plant Flowering Outdoors

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