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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a pothos plant might start to turn brown on the stems. The most common reason for this is that the plant has been overwatered.

The root system is struggling to keep the plant alive. When there is too much water the roots will start to rot and cause a lot of harm to the entire plant in turn. We have to be carefull with the amount of water that the pothos plant receives during the day.

Follow along here and we will learn even more about the wonderful house plant that is the pothos. Despite these issues, it is one of the best for beginners to grow at home both for the fun of it but also the decoration of it.

Pothos Plant In The Sun

Pothos Plant Brown Stems

As we said previously, the pothos plant will have the roots start to turn brown when there is too much water in the soil. This can be something that has been built up for some time, but it can also happen rather quickly if you simply happen to overwater.

Nonetheless, we need to act quickly as the roots are starting to rot because of this. When there is too much water the roots can get the oxygen they need to survive and also continue to grow.

When this happens they halt and instead try and grapes with the new environment they are in, often this ends for the worse. Once you see this happening to your plant we need to make sure to place it in the sunniest spot you have.

Doing this we can hopefully try and let the soil dry out a lot quicker and we will be able to once again have a thriving pothos plant at home. Thankfully, when the plant is turning brown we still have a chance. It’s a lot harder when the plant is turning black instead, as this indicates the plant has already had the roots start to rot.

You might wonder then what the best watering method is? For us, we strive for the soil to be somewhat damp at all times. This will create the best environment for the plant to be growing in. It will quickly grow and also steadily. 

The pothos plant is one of the best houseplants for beginners to start out with. Even though we have laid out and talked about some issues that could occur when growing it. It’s important to know that this is not special to just the pothos plant, it can happen to most plants in fact.

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Pothos Roots Growing

Why Are My Pothos Stems Rotting

When the pothos stems are starting to rot then we have some real issues. The root system of the plant is in danger and has been for some time at this point. When you overwater a plant the roots can’t get the oxygen they need and will begin to drown.

When parts of the roots die then they can’t supply the plant anymore. This caucuses issues by having the entire plant start to rot. This will come up as the leaves turn black or brown, or the stem starts to rot.

When this happens there is unfortunately not a lot you can be doing for the plant. But if you are spotting this process early on we recommend checking the soil. If you think it’s a bit damp or wet then place the plant in the sunniest spot you have at home. This will hopefully dry out the soil a little bit and make it easier for the roots.

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Pothos Growing In A Pot

Crispy Tips On Pothos

Are the tips on your pothos starting to become dry and crispy? This is often because the soil is too dry. When this happens the plant can no longer get the necessary energy and supply the plant with it.

This ends up being the result because of that lack. When this happens we recommend you water the soil in small amounts to get a semi-damp soil. Doing it in small amounts will keep you from accidentally overwatering and choking the plant instead.

Pothos Plant Growing Indoors