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Welcome to this post that will be talking about why a pothos plant’s leaves might be starting to turn black. The simple reason we have found for this is that the roots are starting to rot.

Like most plants, the pothos plant is also variable if there is too much water in the soil. We, therefore, need to be extra careful when watering the plant. Too much and we will risk the plant having the leaves turn black.

Follow along and we will together learn even more about this lover houseplant plant. One of the better varieties to start out with if you are a beginner in the world of gardening.

Pothos Growing In The Sun

Black Leaves In Pothos

Just like we said at the beginning of this article here, the pothos plant can be very vulnerable to too much water. Just like any other plant really. This is why we need to be careful when watering plants. 

Thankfully we will at least see clearly when something is wrong with the plant. It can turn to different colors depending on what’s wrong. But when they turn black the roots are growing in too much water.

You might ask yourself then what too much water is then? Well, when the soil is starting to be soggy then we have definitely had too much in there. That is a clear indicator that something is wrong.

We instead try and aim for the soil to be somewhat damp at all times. This will create the best environment for the pothos plant to be growing in. It can grow steadily. But there are of course a few measures you can take on when you see the leaves are starting to turn black.

Usually, the plant will have gone too far when the leaves are turning black. But we can place the entire plant in a very sunny spot. This will hopefully make the soil dry out quicker. If we are lucky then this will save the plant and the only thing you will have to do is remove the black leaves. They will most likely not recover and is better to give room for new growth.

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Pothos Plant Growing Inside

What Does An Overwatered Pothos Look Like

An overwatered pothos plant will be looking very droopy and the leaves will start to turn black. If you read the paragraphs above here we mentioned that a good sign for any overwatered plant is black leaves.

The reason for this is that the root system is currently rotting because there is too much water. It will drown and kill the roots. When they are harmed the entire plant will be harmed. 

This process can go pretty quickly and once you see it you need to act quickly. We recommend that you immediately place the plant in a sunny spot so that the soil could hopefully start to dry out a little bit.

If we are lucky this will save the plant and the only thing you will have to do afterward is remove the inflicted leaves. We are yet to see a plant where the black leaves will recover and grow back. Instead, we cut them off to give room for new stems and growths.

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Pothos Plant Growing Inside

Pothos Leaves Turning Black In Water

Are your pothos leaves starting to turn black in water? Well, this is most likely because they have been in there for too long. If you were to ever take cuttings from a pothos plant and place them in water then they will start to root.

After some time they will want to be growing in proper soil instead. This will cause them to react negatively to the water as that is all they have. Access to oxygen is very important for plants and growing in just water hinders that a lot.

Pothos Plant Growing Indoors