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Welcome to this post that will be talking about why your pothos plant might be turning yellow after you have reported it. The issue is often because the plant is getting stressed after being transplanted.

This is a very common thing that will occur with a lot of plants when they are coming to a new place to grow in. The plant was once established and now they have to adapt its whole root system to a new place.

Follow along in the article here and we will be talking more in-depth about repotting a pothos plant and what some things are that you could be doing. The pothos plant is one of the best ones out there to be growing if you are a beginner with gardening. It’s a low-maintenance house plant that also brings a lot of beauty and decoration. 

Pothos Leaves Growing Indoors

Pothos Turning Yellow After Repotting

Just like we said at the beginning of the article here, the pothos plant could easily be turning yellow for a number of different reasons. What we find to be the case however when repotting is because of just that, repotting.

The plant has to suddenly adapt to a completely new place and might get very stressed because of this. But you should be afraid about the plant not surviving, it is simply just adapting to the new environment it has been presented to.

Instead, you should be thinking about the ways you could make it more comfortable here so it can once again start to thrive. This means making sure that the soil it will begin to grow in is very healthy

Fertilizing the soil a little bit before might be a very good decision. That will definitely kickstart the growth and the roots can start draining nutrients from the soil and aid the plant. 

Watering the plant when transplanting it is also important. It should be kept somewhat damp to semi-dry for the best results. An overwatered soil will quickly show up as the leaves of the plant start to turn black.

Keeping the plant in a relatively shaded area is the best route in our opinion to not cause the leaves to become sunburned. They will then be drier and have a brown color appear around the edges.

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Pothos Plant Growing

Can Yellow Pothos Turn Green Again

A yellow pothos plant could definitely turn green again. But the problem might occur when there is not enough nutrients in the soil. This has usually a direct correlation with the overall color of the plant.

But note that it is the chlorophyll in the leaf that makes it appear green in the color. That is caused by it getting nutrients and energy. But once the leaf loses that chlorophyll the plant will instead be draining the leftover energy and nutrients from that part. This leaves the plant with a dried-up leaf that eventually will be falling off.

It’s a lot more important knowing how to prevent the plant from having yellow leaves than trying to get them to turn green again. That means you not only have to fertilize the soil but also need to water it. Keeping it somewhat damp will create a great environment for the roots to grow in.

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Pothos Plant Growing Indoors

How Do You Fix Yellowing On Pothos

Fixing the plant once it’s turning yellow is very difficult. It all comes down to the leaf having the chlorophyll leave and it’s very hard to encourage it to come back and once again be a green leaf.

Instead, we need to try and prevent it from happening. A well-nurtured soil with fertilizer and water will help the plant grow the best it could. The root system will be able to drain and collect everything it needs from the soil and then convert that into the plant growing and expanding.

Pothos Plant Growing In A Small Pot