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Welcome to this post that will be talking about whether or not you could be growing a pothos plant outside or not. Well, the matter of fact is that is entirely possible. The pothos plant does however a lot better when grown indoors.

The reason for that is it won’t have to suffer a lot of direct sunlight which otherwise might cause it to get sunburnt. This will show up as dry leaves that have brown spots on them or at least on the edges.

Follow along in the article below here and perhaps you will discover some new exciting news about growing a pothos plant at home, and especially outdoors. In our opinion, the pothos plant really is one of the best beginner-friendly plants to have at home.

Pothos Plant Growing Indoors

Pothos Outside

The photo plant can do pretty well outdoors actually. But the biggest downside we have found is that the direct sunlight it might get during the day will hinder it from developing properly. It will have its leaves start to get sunburnt.

When the leaves are getting sunburnt then they can’t produce a lot of energy or at least the necessary amount to sustain the pothos plant. Because of this, we need it to get some shade during the day. That will protect it from the harm of direct sunlight.

But you should know that the pothos plant will always do a lot better if it’s growing indoors as compared to outdoors. The watering and fertilizing of the plant will however stay very similar.

The plant will need water when the soil is no longer damp or semi-wet. When it gets drier the roots aren’t growing as much and aren’t providing a lot of nutrients either. This means overall slower growth and a plant that gets more easily affected by disease and pests.

As for fertilizing the soil, we will be needing to do that at least 3 – 4 times during the year. That will make sure there is a great number of nutrients in the soil at all times. But won’t over-nurture the soil either.

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Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot

Can You Put A Pothos Plant Outside

You can absolutely put a pothos plant outside, but you need to be aware that the plant will do a lot better if it’s growing indoors. The plant will get more shade and won’t have to be harmed by direct sunlight either. 

We believe this to be one of the reasons the pothos should be kept as a houseplant and not a garden decoration outdoors. As for caring for the plant, the same rules apply both inside and outside.

The soil needs to be kept semi-damp at all times. This will help it a lot in making it grow normally and be established in the soil it’s in. But also making sure the soil is rich in nutrients by fertilizing it will also help a lot. 

We of course recommend that you use organic fertilizer in that case. These can be found in basically any garden store. Be aware that it does not need to be used more than about 3 – 4 times during the year.

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Pothos Plant Growing In The Sun

Can Pothos Ivy Live Outside

The pothos ivy vine can definitely grow great outdoors too. But you should definitely be growing it in a shadier area at home. That will help it keep in line with growth and you won’t risk having the leaves start to dry out. 

Note that since the temperature will be higher and the moisture lower outside the soil will dry out quicker. So you might have to water the soil a little bit more than a pothos plant growing inside.

Pothos Plant Growing Outdoors