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Welcome to this post that will be talking about whether it is actually possible to grow a pothos plant in the water forever. Well, the fact is that it’s very possible. The plant can grow in a pot that is entirely filled with water. 

This makes the pothos plant one of the only ones able to do this. Just another reason why this plant is so fascinating to grow at home. The plant could live like this for its entire life cycle and if you take care of it this will be between 5 – 10 years long.

Follow along below here and we will continue to talk about growing the pothos plant in only water. The pothos plant is for us one of the best varieties that you could be growing at home, especially for beginners that are just getting started with gardening.

Pothos Growing Inside

Can Pothos Live In Water Forever

Like we said in the beginning of the article here, the pothos plant is one of the only ones out there that can live its entire life in just water. This makes it a very unique plant to have at home growing. Not only is it a very good plant to grow for beginners but it also brings a lot of beauty being a great decoration plant.

But note that the pothos plant cant grows in soil that is overwatered. That is not the same. The pothos plant should instead be growing in a spot where it is planned to get submerged in water. Growing in sandy soil in a tank and then covering it with water will create a new environment

It will have a hard time at first adjusting to the new environment but with that said, it will start to establish itself and eventually might even start to expand. Growing it in healthy soil at first will set it up for the best possible outcome once you decide to cover it in water.

You might ask when the best time is to start pouring in water. Well for us this is when the plant finally has established itself and it’s clear the root system is strong and can support the plant very well.

A bushy pothos plant will do a lot better in the water than one that has been growing very leggy. The plant doesn’t really require a lot of direct sunlight to be able to survive. It’s enough with a small amount to keep it green and for it to perform photosynthesis.

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Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot

Can Pothos Live In Just Water

We have already been talking a little bit about the possibility of growing a pothos plant in water for its entire lifetime. The fact of the matter is that it’s entirely possible. It’s one of the only varieties in the world that can do this.

We believe that there is a time when the plant can be submerged and start growing underwater. This is when it has finally started to bush out and develop a thick stem and a lot of leaves. 

This indicates that the plant has developed enough and has a healthy root system able to support the plant once access to oxygen is limited. But this doesn’t mean the plant won’t stop growing. It will do it slower and it will not leave the place it’s growing in either. It’s very hard to kill off.

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How Often To Water Pothos In Winter

Watering a pothos plant in the winter is slightly different from watering it in the summer. The temperature will obviously be higher which makes the soil dry out more quickly. 

In the winter, however, the moisture in the air might be higher. But none of these factors really decide how often or make up a watering schedule. Instead, we just have to look at the soil. It should be somewhat damp and semi-dry. If it’s drier than that then you should probably water the soil a little bit.

Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot