Snake Plant Thin Leaves

Snake Plant Growing In A Small Pot

Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a snake plant might start to be growing very thin. The most common issue or cause for this happening has to do with the amount of sunlight the plant is getting. 

If it’s not getting a sufficient amount then it will quickly start to show as the plant grows thinner and the stems start bending as well. But thankfully there is a pretty easy fix to this once it has started to happen. The plant simply needs to be in a sunnier spot in your house.

Follow along in this article and we will continue to learn about this fantastic plant that is the snake plant. We find this variety to be one of the best beginner friendly houseplants to grow at home, despite it having some issues along the way.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors

Snake Plant Thin Leaves

Just like we said in the beginning of the article here, the snake plant will be having issues with the way it’s growing when it’s not getting enough sunlight each day. it will slowly start to grow thinner and thinner.

After a short time you will have a pretty ugly snake plant in your house that is just looking droopy. But thankfully there is a pretty simple thing you can do to fix this from becoming more of an issue in the future.

The plant just needs more sunlight by placing it in a sunny window, in most cases that will be the south facing window. This will provide the plant with the 8 – 10 hours of light it needs each day to survive and also thrive.

Apart from the plant getting enough sunlight each day we can further support the plant by fertilizing the soil every now and again. Well, by that we only mean about 3 – 4 times each year. That will provide the plant with plenty of nutrients that will help boost the health of the root system.

Watering the plant is just as important as making sure the plant is getting enough sunlight each day. Keeping the soil semi dry to damp will create the perfect condition for it to grow in.

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Snake Plant Growing Outdoors

How Do I Make My Snake Plant Leaves Thicker

Making your snake plant have thicker leaves will all really come down to making sure the condition the plant is growing is the best possible. For us that means knowing how much sunlight the plant needs each day, the watering of the soil and also keeping the health of the soil at a high level.

The snake plant will want to get about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day. If it can receive this on a consistent basis then you will see it starting to grow thinner and thinner and the leaves might even start to droop.

Watering the soil will help keep the root system in check and able to continually grow and make the plant more established and able to expand further. We will want the soil to be somewhat damp to seem-dry. We find this makes for the happiest snake plant at home.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

How Do I Make My Snake Plant Bushy

Making a snake plant grow bushy will not be the same as other plants. It can really grow in a bushy way, instead it will be growing in a more thicker way as the leaves grow stronger.

This means that the plant needs a lot of sun each day but also has a soil that is somewhat damp to be able to always have a water supply.

Snake Plant Growing In A Small Pot