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Welcome to this post about if your dill will come back next year. In short , your drill will come back the next year, but only if you planted it this year. Dill is actually a two year culinary herb, so technically it’s a perennial but you can count on it coming back all the time.

But nonetheless it’s an amazing herb to have growing at home in your garden. But there are some things you need to make sure of so that you will actually have your dill returned the next year. In this article we will cover precisely that, so follow along and discover more about this fantastic herb.

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Does Dill Come Back Every Year

Dill will come back next year, just like we said in the beginning of this article. It is classified as a perennial herb because it lives for two years. But we recommend you take some of the seeds from the two year old plant and keep for the next year. This way you can be self-sufficient on dill in all your gardening career. Fortunately it’s also really easy to take the seeds on dill because it produces so many of them at the end of the season.

In the first segment we also talked about how you need to care properly for your dill plant for it to come back next year. This includes keeping it in the ideal climate and condition. For us this always comes down to making sure the soil is well drained and getting the water it needs every day. As you might be aware, dill is a herb that really likes when the soil is kept moist and damp. This makes for the most favorable environment to grow in.

Another factor that helps make sure you get your dill back the next year is placing it in the sun a lot. The sun is what helps it grow and gain energy. Without enough of it the root system might not be well developed enough. That’s the backbone of sorts for the plant to be healthy. A vital part to get so it comes back for a second round.

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How Do You Grow Dill All Year Round

Growing dill year round is very possible. But it depends on where you are located in the world. Although the same rules will apply if you are either growing indoors or outdoors. Places like California or Florida will most likely be able to grow it all the year. But surprisingly, dill can manage temperatures as low as 25 degrees. This makes it able to stay out a lot longer than you might think.

If you are located in a place where the temperature stays above 25 degrees for the whole winter, and well above too then you can keep caring for your dill as you normally would. It will keep growing but at a slower pace when the temperature drops.

If you live in a place where the winter is cold then the only way to grow dill all year round is to have it in a pot. This way you can move it indoors for the winter and keep enjoying some harvest. Treat it like you would normally and water it properly, enver letting it dry out. Note that indoors it will require a lot less water and maintenance usually. Harvesting should be limited too, because it wont grow back as fast.

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Dill Plants Growing In The Garden

Will Dill Survive Winter

Dill might be a very hardy plant that can manage temperatures that go as low as 25 degrees. What it can’t handle is staying this low for a long time. But if you are living in a place where the winters aren’t this cold then you can continue harvesting throughout it.

But if you live in a very cold place then the best thing to do is to simply cut down the whole plant at the end of the season. It will come back next year as well, if you sow it this year. Dill is technically a perennial herb, but only lives for two years. We therefore recommend not worrying about taking care of it during the winter and instead just cut down the whole plant. This way you won’t waste any potential harvest from it.

If you live in a warm place then the best thing you can do to care for it during the winter is just water it properly when it needs to. Place it in the sun as much as possible if you keep it in a pot.

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Dill Plants Growing In The Garden