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Welcome to this post about if dill is a herb that likes a lot of water. It does and it doesn’t have the answers. When the weather is very warm and dry then it absolutely will do good with some extra water. But if it’s pretty humid outside then you should hold back on the watering. Too much of it will do harm to the root system of the plant. It will cause it to rot and will soon die off if this keeps up. The best practice is to keep the soil moist and damp. This is what we have found to be the ideal condition for dill.

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Dill Plant Growing In The Garden

Does Dill Like Lots Of Water

We mentioned already in the beginning of this article on the topic about how much water dill likes. It really is a balancing act if you want to maximize the growth of the plant. It’s perfectly okay to every now and again forget it for a day or two without water. Maybe not on a scorching hot summer day though, but we digress. Dill likes a soil that is kept moist and damp as much as possible. This is what it will grow the best in, at least that is what we believe.

Most people or professional gardeners will have slightly different opinions on virtually every single plant out there and the best way to take care of them. We feel like the best results with dill are shown when it can enjoy a lot of sun and also has a well draining soil that keeps damp.

You might wonder how much water you should have every time. There is also no clear answer to this. It all depends on the weather, has it been very dry and sunny then it might need more. If it has been cloudy and humid, probably less water is needed. We therefore recommend that you water just a little bit at a time to get to that perfect level we talked about. That’s the best method we have found to really succeed with growing dill at home.

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Dill Plants Growing In The Garden

Should I Water Dill Everyday

During the summer it might very well need water every day, maybe even two times if it’s located right where the sun is at its strongest during the whole day. It can quickly dry out in the soil on some hot summer days. So being ready with watering all your plants is very important.

If you can’t get to it right away then it can be a good idea to overwater slightly in the morning or day before. This will buy you some time if you know you won’t be able to watch it all the time. But don’t make this a habit, as it can have a bad long term effect on perennial herbs.

What we always recommend doing with herbs when the weather is very hot outside is to only water a little bit at a time. This will ensure that there is not too much water in the soil that can damage the root system. Otherwise it can be quick for them to start rooting. It’s all about looking and feeling the soil to get it right. It Feels so slightly damp on the surface. For us this is the ideal condition for growing dill.

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Dill Plant Growing In The Garden

How Often Do You Water Dill In Pots

Watering dill in pots can be slightly different from those dill plants growing on freeland. The reason being that the water is trapped here for longer. On freeland there’s more room for the water to drain away and not bother the roots of the dill. But in a pot all the water stays in the soil unless you have holes underneath

Something we recommend getting is exactly that, a pot with holes underneath to make it easier to not overwater the plant. If you see that a lot of water is draining away, that is usually a sign you have watered too much. Just like when we grow something outside we need to be aware of the water in the soil.

The best strategy that we have found for watering plants is to do a very small amount at a time. This won’t cause unnecessary stress to both the plant and us. Following that rule will surely make it a lot easier taking care of your dill plant.

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